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Booyah Bait Co. Delivers With The New Prank

Sometimes a Hard Bait Needs Split Personality

by: Jeff Puckett, Blue Heron Communicationa

Photo by Jeff Puckett
(Sep 26, 2017 - Fort Smith, AR) It looks like a typical topwater popper.  But a closer inspection of the new Prank from Booyah Bait Co. exposes the true hybrid nature of this unique bait.  The topwater Prank has a lip.  Now anglers can entice surface action for explosive attacks, then switch to a shallow crankbait retrieve to tempt a follow up bite from a missed strike.  All in one bait, all in one cast.

This bait attracts bass by mimicking the subtle spit of a shad on the surface, the heavy sounds of a topwater strike and the swimming action of a fleeing baitfish.  The Prank's cupped and shaved mouth provides the spit, splash, pop or chug and the rounded lip causes the bait to dip and move more water.  The lip,  feather-dressed treble hook on the tail and saved slim back design enhances the swimming action down to 2 feet deep when cranking.

The Prank Measures 2.13 inches long, weighs 5/16 of an ounce and rigged with #6 treble hooks, fore and aft.  Available in eight colors with an MSRP of $9.99, the Prank delivers more fishing action from each cast.