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Larew new Wheeler bait, plus Rock Banger and Garland Pile Diver debut at ICAST 2017

Pile Diver, Wheeler Hammer Craw, Rock Banger and Big Hunk take soft plastic designs from small to hefty at Larew  

by: Gary Dollahon, Dollahon PR

pile driver
Photo by courtesy Bobby Garland Baits
Hammer Claw
Photo by courtesy Bobby Garland Baits
(Jul 10, 2017 - Orlando, FL)  Gene Larew Lures, makers of Bobby Garland crappie baits and Larew bass lures, announces several new product introductions at this week's ICAST fishing tackle trade show in Orlando.
New to Bobby Garland is the 2.5" Pile Diver soft-plastic crappie bait. The Pile Diver features a ringed body with short arms alongside it and streamer-like swim legs to trail behind. The arms vibrate with movement and at rest, while the rings vibrate upon contacting brush pile limbs and other cover. Available colors include solids and laminates. MSRP is $3.69 per 10-count bag.
Larew pro staffer and Bassmaster Elite series angler Jacob Wheeler has incorporated several of Larew's signature body parts into his new 3.5-inch Wheeler Hammer Craw. The soft-plastic design has a solid, segmented body that is deep enough to contain a heavy-duty flipping hook and to also firmly stay in place when used as a trailer on any swim jig. It has a ribbed belly for vibration and Larew's proven swimming legs that kick at all retrieve speeds from super slow to fast burning. The Wheeler Hammer Craw can be added to a variety of lures to provide more action or stabilization, or it can be fished alone. It is available in 12 Wheeler-handpicked colors to cover his favorite techniques and conditions. MSRP is $5.69 per 8-bait package.
The Larew 3.5" Rock Banger was designed to work as a soft-plastic crankbait, especially when rigged on a Larew Biffle HardHead. The bait's wide body demands a fish's attention as it bounces off and around rocks and other structure.

The body has plenty of depth to hold a variety of hooks, with a recessed hook area in the belly to ensure positive hooksets. The lure's stubby tail has an oversized swim foot on its tip that kicks like crazy and causes the bait to shake from head to tail to create a lot of commotion and entice strikes. It comes in solid and laminated colors. There are 5 baits per blister pack. MSRP is $6.99.
The 6.5-inch Big Hunk Shad is a hefty soft plastic made with big bass in mind. The only other thing that can rival its action in the water is a live forage species. The Big Hunk swims, darts, flutters and glides. Rig it on Larew's innovative new HunkHead jighead with 7/0 hook and cable guard for best results. MSRP is $5.69 per 2-pack.
These and other new Garland and Larew products and colors are on display in  Gene Larew Lures ICAST 2017 booth #635.
Rock Banger
Photo by courtesy Bobby Garland Baits
Big Hunk
Photo by courtesy Bobby Garland Baits