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StutterStep 4.0 to lead new Bill Lewis lineup at ICAST 2017

by: Gary Dollahon, Dollahon PR

StutterStep 4.0
Photo by courtesy Bill Lewis Lures
Bassmaster Elite Series angler Cliff Crochet (left) and Bill Lewis President Wes Higgins hold the proof that bass like the new StutterStep 4.0 during a field test outing prior to ICAST 2017.
Photo by courtesy Bill Lewis Lures
(Jul 6, 2017 - ALEXANDRIA, La.)  Bill Lewis Outdoors announces the introduction of StutterStep 4.0, a smaller version of the innovative StutterStep 5.0 topwater lure that brought new features and actions to surface fishing when introduced last year.
The StutterStep 4.0 is a downsized 4-inch version of the original 5-inch StutterStep that was developed in response to consumer demand for a smaller size. It will debut at next week's ICAST tradeshow in Orlando.

StutterStep 4.0 is a full one-inch shorter than the original StutterStep, measuring 4 inches in length versus the 5-inch length of its predecessor. The downsized version is the result of heavy consumer demand following the popularity of the StutterStep design.
The StutterStep is credited with being the first topwater lure able to "walk" back and forth while holding its place on the water throughout extended actions employed by an angler. Also unique from other walking baits is the StutterStep's paddle-tail kick it does when it pivots. The lure can even generate action during a steady buzz-bait style retrieve.
Altogether, the StutterStep not only offers diverse actions for the avid angler, but it really is the easiest lure for novices to learn the proven walk-the-dog technique because its built-in design delivers the side-to-side walking motion with virtually any rod action.  
There are three unique and distinctive actions attributed to the StutterStep's design.
StutterStep: This action is similar to walk the dog, but with a pronounced pivot that allows the lure to almost walk in place instead of having to be advanced. The advantage of this is to keep the lure in an active strike zone longer to entice more bites. This action is best when targeting cover, such as around boat docks, lay downs, grass lines, etc.
Wag the Tail: Fast rod twitches and speeding up the retrieve with the reel accomplishes this action. As a result, anglers can force the StutterStep to cover water with side-to-side head movements followed by a paddle-tail move that kicks up water. 
Wobble-Wake: Using a steady buzz-bait style retrieve with no rod action, the StutterStep will generate its own wobbling action with a tail-kick that leaves a distinct wake in its track to interrupt the surface and demand a fish's attention.
The StutterStep design originated in Zimbabwe, Africa, with lure-designer, Greg Budd. He carved the initial models from wood for his Tiger-fishing needs. His premise for design was creating a lure that would dig in and make rapid cuts in fast moving river waters.
Once Bill Lewis President Wes Higgins got his hands on the lure, he was determined to bring it to market.
"When I saw how dramatically different the actions of the StutterStep were compared to other topwater lures, I thought this could be a lure that redefines a category, similar to how Rat-L-Trap redefined lipless crankbaits," Higgins said. "We're aware that it's an extremely high goal to create another lure as legendary as our Rat-L-Trap, but we believe the StutterStep has all the right ingredients to do it.
"Just as the Rat-L-Trap gave birth to a sub-category of lipless baits called 'rattle baits', we fully anticipate the StutterStep spawning a sub-category of walking baits called 'walk-in-place baits'. We also expect to start seeing more topwaters with hard tails like the StutterStep. The only question really is not "when,' but rather how soon?" 
StutterStep 4.0 will make its debut at the annual ICAST fishing tackle tradeshow, being held in Orlando, July 12-14, 2017.
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