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Now You Can Make Your Own Lures

Creative Lure™ introduces crankbait making kits!

(Friday, March 24,2000 - Weehawken, NJ) Creative Lure™ introduces for the first time ever, a unique line of premium Balsafoam crankbait making kits. Developed for the hobbyist and serious angler, whose knowledge of "matching the hatch" can now be utilized for greater success and loads of fun!

We have continued our efforts developing an entire line of convenient, easy to use and effective Bait Kits and now have a "Topwater" Kit, "Crankbait" Kit and various "Blank Sets" and soon the "Big Bad Bait" Kit for Pike, Muskie and Saltwater fish.

Creative Lure is dedicated to establishing itself as the leader in Custom Bait Making with quality products and support.

    "Have fun making your own handmade lures. Tackle making is great fun and is one of the best hobbies for any angler.

    Be creative! Design unique lures or just "match the hatch". You will catch more fish! Most anglers tell us that they catch more fish than ever before, after they started making their own lures with lure kits and components from Creative Lure.?"

Sebastian Perez, Jr., Creative Lure
#19 48th St. - Weehawken, NJ 07087
or Call 201-617-8143 for more information.