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Another Fishing Secret .... Is Out Of The Box!

Handcrafted Cedar Lures Work On Eufaula Bass

(Monday, May 11,1998 - Columbus, GA) Now not only do the local Lake Eufaula, Alabama anglers, but several of the touring pros such as, Mike Auten and Roy Sedgewick, know the secret about the handcrafted cedar lures that many of the locals have been crediting their "catching" success to on Eufaula bass.

The Stanford Cedar Shad Series is crafted from the finest grade western cedar available, with an injection molded Lexan bill to ensure maximum durability and exacting dimensions, two part urethane paint finished and razor-sharp VMC hooks. Each Stanford Lure has been hand tested, tuned and factory "loaded" for a near perfect action and precise performance right "out of the box".

The slim profile lure allows long casts even in the wind, and is guaranteed to perform perfectly out of the box. Available in four sizes, ranging from 1/4 oz; 3/8 oz; 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz these lures can accommodate any fishing depth. The Cedar Shad comes in eight colors, and range in price from $6 to $7. Because of the use of cedar along with other components that approach a neutral buoyancy this means that onces the angler reaches the desired depth and interrups the retrieve, the lure will slowly rise.

Dieter Stanford, the designer and craftsman of these popular lures doesn't get into explaining the theory behind the success of his lures, he just knows that they catch lots of bass. For information or a brochure about these baits call toll free 1-888-267-1154 or write to Stanford Lures, 500 Andrews Road, Columubs, GA 31903.