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Crankbaits Must Go Deeper, Faster To Find The Strike Zone

Berkley Dredger ready to find deep fish

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Photo by courtesy Berkley
Photo by courtesy Berkley
(Dec 7, 2016 - Columbia, SC)

Legendary pro angler David Fritts knows a thing or two about what makes a deep diving crankbait so effective. Combining the technology and innovation of Berkley with the expertise of Fritts and the Dredger was born. The Dredger is a smaller profile bait that dives deeper, faster than any other bait on the market.

A combination of body shape and weighted bill drive  this bait deep to stay in the strike zone longer. Whether cranked slowly or quickly, the Dredger has a tught, subtle action that is proven to trigger fish that hang out in the deepest water to strike withiut hestation.

The Dredger is equipped with Berkley Fusion19 reble hooks and comes in 14 standard coors with six additional trophy case colors created by Fritts himself.

Nowhere else on the market can anglers find a 3.25-inch deep diver that hits depths of 26 feet faster.  This means anglers have the ability to fish the strike zone longer without the need to cast a country mile.

Available in five diving depth models (10.5, 14.5, 17.5, 2-.5 and 25.5) the Berkley Dredger has an MSRP of 8.95. To see colors,sizes and cost for each Dredger click here



Photo by courtesy Berkley