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by: Blue Heron Communications,

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(Dec 1, 2016 - Atlanta, GA) "If you could only hunt or fish one day of the month for a short period of time, wouldn't you want to go during a time when you could predict success?" asks John Lehman, President of DataSport, Inc.
"Our system shows outdoor enthusiasts how to make the best use of limited time," added Lehman.  "For over 80 years we have produced The Fish and Game Forecast and Hannon's Moon Clock to help everyone know the times that they are most likely to catch or see fish, birds and wildlife.  The most successful outdoor experiences have been proven to occur during periods of peak animal activity and we can predict when these periods will occur by understanding effects of the moon and sun on the earth and how this affects all living things.
Just in time for holiday gift giving, the 44th year of the Fish and Game Forecaster ($11.95 plus shipping and handling) and the 36th year of Moon Clock Calculator ($9.95 plus shipping and handling) are ready to be shipped.  Anglers, hunters, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts can also load their smartphones through the Apple Store or Google Play with FishCast or HuntCast 2017 (from The Fish and Game Forecaster) or FishTimes or HuntTimes 2017 (from Hannon's Moon Clock).
To place an order for Christmas delivery visit DataSport, Inc. (