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Trapper Tackle Scores Huge Upset with ICAST Best in Show

by: Jason Halfen, Traditions Media

Photo by courtesy Trapper Tackle
Photo by courtesy Trapper Tackle
(Jul 26, 2016 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL)  Every summer, fishing industry insiders gather at ICAST, an international trade show and exposition that showcases thousands of fishing products. Manufacturers invest significant time and money to position themselves to win the coveted “Best in Show” award in the ICAST New Product Showcase, where products in 24 different categories vie for attention from fishing industry influencers, including outdoor media and buyers. The buzz about Trapper Tackle’s revolutionary hook design could be heard across the show floor and earned the attention and votes needed to upset industry giants in the New Product Showcase.
“Years of research, design, engineering and extensive field testing have resulted in today’s Trapper Hook,” said Larry Davidson, founder of Trapper Tackle, a Landum Outdoors brand.  “This has truly been a group effort fueled by the blood, sweat and tears of a core team.”
Trapper Tackle’s family of Trapper hooks include a range of general purpose and technique-specific hooks that address two of the oldest problems in angling: fish don't stay pinned, and baits don’t stay rigged on conventional J-hooks correctly as presentations are cast and fished through cover. The patented Trapper Box, with its two right angles at the base of the hook shank, locks baits and hooked fish in place so anglers can make more casts and better presentations, so they can land more fish and make the most out of their limited fishing time.
Trapper Tackle’s Brand and Product Development Director, Keith Alan said, “I can’t recall a brand or product launch that has generated this much interest and excitement at ICAST. Both media and buyers were genuinely intrigued by the simplicity and functionality of Trapper’s revolutionary hook designs and they validated the innovation with their votes. Winning Best in Show has undoubtedly helped spark interest from buyers and distributors around the world. That’s an amazing jump start for a new brand.”
At ICAST 2016, Trapper Tackle introduced five different hook families that feature the patented Trapper Box design: an ultra-versatile “Best in Show” dropshot/live bait/finesse hook, standard and heavy gauge wide gap hooks for soft plastics, a xxx-heavy super wide gap hook for extreme cover situations, and a 30-degree jig hook designed for jigs and OEM applications. Anglers can expect to find 19 different sizes and styles of Trapper Hooks at their favorite retailer and online at in December 2016.
Former Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Vince Hurtado has been intimately involved in the development and field testing of Trapper Hooks, and offered that, “these hooks will raise every angler’s game. Baits stay rigged better, and fish stay hooked better, so I make more casts and land a much higher percentage of the fish I hook. I’ve never used another hook that performs like a Trapper, and I’m proud to be part of the team.”
Join us as we ride the wave of hook innovation with Trapper Hooks. Visit today to sign up for free samples and to learn more about game-changing Trapper Hooks from Trapper Tackle.