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Kentucky Regional Fishing Tournaments send 64 High Schools to KHSAA State Competition

by: Mark Gintert, TBF Youth Director,

(Apr 29, 2016 - Benton, KY)

 The Bass Federation (TBF) and FLW, the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, partnered with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) to present the 2016 KHSAA bass fishing regional tournaments on Saturday. More than 292 teams across Kentucky competed in four different regional tournaments with the goal of advancing to the KHSAA State competition.

The top 16 teams in Region 1 that advanced to the KHSAA State Championship from Lake Barkley were:
  1st:       Muhlenberg County High School – Taylor Harris and Drew Mendoza, five bass, 12-15
  2nd:      Muhlenberg County High School – Billy Hardison and Nathan Flener, five bass, 12-13
  3rd:       Christian County High School – Brandon Boyd and Chance Glass, five bass, 12-0
  4th:       McCracken County High School – Wesley Dunn and Sarah Morehead, five bass, 11-15
  5th:       Trigg County High School – Douglas Colson and Drake Oliver, five bass, 11-13
  6th:       Calloway County High School – Brandon Falwell and Colton Jennings, five bass, 11-5
  7th:       Logan County High School – Christian Wright and Trevor McIntosh, five bass, 10-14
  8th:       Calloway County High School – Colton Cox and Andrew Douglas, four bass, 10-10
  9th:       McCracken County High School – Austin Braboy and Ethan Carson, four bass, 10-1
  10th:     Calloway County High School – Clayton Bobo and Myles McManus, five bass, 9-10
  11th:     Marshall County High School – Peyton Porter and Barrett Washburn, four bass, 9-2
  12th:     Muhlenberg County High School – Brandon Payne and Peyton Lipe, four bass, 8-15
  13th:     Trigg County High School – Austin Greene and Zack Colbert, four bass, 8-8
  14th:     Muhlenberg County High School – James Hampton and Cole Noffsinger, three bass, 8-2
  15th:     McCracken County High School – Daniel Schroeder and Ashton Goff, three bass, 8-0
  16th:     Oldham County High School – Levi Patterson and Colton Porter, four bass, 7-12

The top 16 teams in Region 2 that advanced to the KHSAA State Championship from Lake Cumberland were:
  1st:       Washington County High School – Trevor Sagrecy and Michael Shelton, five bass, 16-8
  2nd:      Trinity High School – Will O’Rourke and Clay Evans, five bass, 14-10
  3rd:       Madison Southern High School – Ricky Hembree and Jacob Walters, five bass, 14-3
  4th:       Lafayette High School – Riley Cobb and Landon Orr, five bass, 13-12
  4th:       Kentucky Student Angler Federation – Leslie Owens and Brandon Turner, five bass, 13-12
  6th:       Dixie Heights High School – Andrew Bernard and Noah Caple, five bass, 13-1
  7th:       Metcalfe County High School – Nick Pennington and Tucker Scroggy, five bass, 13-0
  8th:       Washington County High School – Nathaniel Messer and Mason Hamilton, five bass, 12-13
  9th:       Spencer County High School – Clayton Rountree and Dillon Stallings, five bass, 12-9
  10th:     North Oldham High School – Lucas Walz and Nicholas Walz, five bass, 12-1           
  11th:     St. Xavier High School – Chris Armstrong and Jacob Gruneisen, five bass, 11-11
  12th:     Carroll County High School – John Glauber and Caleb Stephenson, five bass, 11-9
  13th:     Madison Southern High School – Blake Harold and Cameron Cochran, five bass, 11-7
  14th:     North Oldham High School – Trey Marksbury and Alex Hinton, five bass, 10-12
  15th:     Burgin High School – Zach Bell and Riley Bradshaw, four bass, 10-3
  16th:     Elizabethtown High School – Jordan Smallwood and Wes Irwin, four bass, 9-14

The top 16 teams in Region 3 that advanced to the KHSAA State Championship from Lake Cumberland were:
  1st:       South Laurel High School – Tad Barton and Matthew Woods, five bass, 16-8
  2nd:      Wayne County High School – Tray Hardwick and Bradley Dunnagan, five bass, 16-8
  3rd:       Southwestern High School – Benjamin Hughes and Tyler Murphy, five bass, 14-9
  4th:       Lincoln County High School – Mason Moore and Logan Estes, five bass, 14-5
  5th:       North Laurel High School – Austin Williams and Jordan Cassidy, four bass, 13-8
  6th:       Wayne County High School – Bailey Hardwick and Logan Rigney, five bass, 13-6
  7th:       South Laurel High School – Kyler Petrey and Logan Martin, five bass, 12-11
  8th:       Wayne County High School – Jacob Sweet and Justin Mann, five bass, 12-2
  9th:       Taylor County High School – Peyton Cox and Shawn Mills, five bass, 12-0
  10th:     South Laurel High School – Austin Turner and Lucas Powell, five bass, 11-11
  11th:     South Laurel High School – Zach Wilson and Eli Singleton, five bass, 11-9
  12th:     Corbin High School – Jeremy Elliott and Jordan Elliott, five bass, 11-9
  13th:     South Laurel High School – Hunter Jones and Jackson Douglas, five bass, 11-7
  14th:     Boyle County High School – Michael Steinhauer and Tate Goggin, four bass, 11-6
  15th:     Pulaski County High School – Colby Hays and Austin Bray, five bass, 11-2
  16th:     North Laurel High School – Josh Boone and Brian Oliver, five bass, 11-1

The top 16 teams in Region 4 that advanced to the KHSAA State Championship from Cave Run Lake were:
  1st:       George Rogers Clark High School – Robert Powe and Colby Kerr, five bass, 13-11
  2nd:      Montgomery County High School – Quinten McGuire and Brady McGuire, five bass, 11-5
  3rd:       Bourbon County High School – Jacob Cleaver and Ethan Johnson, five bass, 10-0
  4th:       George Rogers Clark High School – Preston Losh and Triston Duckworth, five bass, 8-8
  5th:       Lawrence County High School – Michael Scaggs and Conner May, five bass, 8-7
  6th:       Sheldon Clark High School – Lafe Messer and Grant Marcum, five bass, 8-5
  7th:       Bourbon County High School – Chris Hinkle and Jacob Ingram, five bass, 8-2
  8th:       Montgomery County High School – Logan Watkins and Kyle Workman, five bass, 8-1
  9th:       Allen Central High School – Chase Soler and Austin Branham, five bass, 7-11
  9th:       Shelby Valley High School – Gabriel Maynard, five bass, 7-11
  11th:     Perry County High School – Matthew Roberts and Richard Cornett, five bass, 7-4
  12th:     Montgomery County High School – Tristan Powell and Dalton Crowe, five bass, 7-3
  13th:     Johnson Central High School – Blake Martin and Kenneth Powers, five bass, 7-3
  14th:     Perry County High School – Zachary Holbrook and Jacob Boggs, five bass, 7-1
  15th:     Lawrence County High School – Noah West and Eric Price, five bass, 6-14
  16th:     Sheldon Clark High School – Jacob Jude and Heath Maynard, five bass, 6-10

High school anglers were competing with the goal of advancing to the KHSAA State competition. Fifty percent of the number of boats entering the regional, not greater than 16 boats from any region, advanced to the State competition. The full KHSAA bass fishing rules can be found here. The KHSAA State competition is scheduled for May 13-14 on Kentucky Lake at Kentucky Dam Marina, located at 466 Marina Drive in Gilbertsville, Kentucky.

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