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Jerkbait Fishing Made Easy

New suspending jerkbait available in three sizes

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Photo by courtesy Berkley
(Mar 31, 2016 - Columbia, SC)

A suspending jerkbait must do three things really well: be castable, suspend and deliver maximum action with minimal rod movement. Designed by legendary jerkbait angler David Fritts and B.A.S.S. Elite Pro Justin Lucas, the new Berkley® Cutter gives anglers a reason to believe in a jerkbait once again.

Berkley Cutter jerkbaits possess qualities that pros rely on when fishing in colder waters. The long, narrow body of the Cutter allows this jerkbait to be thrown easily with no line snags on the hooks.

With the coffin-shaped bill, the Cutter 90+, Cutter 110+ and Skinny Cutter 110+ have maximum darting action and side flash, essential when fish are lethargic and unwilling to bite. As the rod tip is lightly twitched, the Cutter slices through the water columns in a downward, erratic movement. The Cutter 90+ and Cutter 110+ are ideal when water temps are creeping up and fish are looking for an easy meal. The Skinny Cutter 110+ has a narrower body and more pronounced bill, which is ideal for extreme cold-water situations.

Length for the Cutter 90+ is 3 1/2 inches while the Cutter 110+ and Skinny Cutter 110+ are 4 3/8 inches long. High- grade Berkley Fusion19TM No. 6 treble hooks give the Cutter sticking power.

MSRP for the Berkley Cutter jerkbaits is $7.95. There are 12 custom color schemes for the Cutter each selected by the pro staff to give anglers the best colors options.