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by: Martin Flory Group,

Photo by Martin Flory Group
(Nov 19, 2015 - Cape Coral, FL)

Some boats are quiet when stalking fish in skinny water. Others are dry when driving through the chop. Action Craft Boats, with its patented Qui-Dry® hull design, excel at both.

All of the company's 12 models feature the unique Qui-Dry design. Transitional chines at the bow provide an increased angle so water rolls off the hull, rather than slapping it. The result is a quieter ride above and beneath the surface—essential for fishing the flats.

A molded-in spray rail is added above the waterline. Innovative J-shaped running strakes below decrease the wetted surface to deflect water away in a sheet, rather than as spray. The end effect is a much drier and more comfortable ride when in choppy seas.

Action Craft's new ACE Premium Elite series takes the exclusive Qui-Dry design to the extreme by reinforcing the hull with state-of-the-art, lightweight laminates. With their rock-solid construction, these models are confidently taken offshore where only larger boats typically venture, yet easily skim the shallows in search of the wariest prey.

In testing against three comparable premium boats, Action Craft's 24' Coastal Bay Premium Elite outperformed the competition in both dryness and comfort. While the others suffered from spray that soaked the deck, the Qui-Dry hull tamed the conditions and kept its occupants dry.

Likewise, when testing its popular flats boat against two leading manufacturer's offerings, the hull made far less noise and was drier. It was also more stable—and safer—to walk on.

Action Craft Boats builds serious fishing platforms for discriminating anglers. A video of the unique Qui-Dry hull design is at
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