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Don't Get Locked-Out!

Proposal Map
Photo by Keep America Fishing
(Sep 14, 2015 - Alexandria, VA)

Do you believe that the only way to conserve our public lands and waters is to lock recreational fishermen out? Do you view recreational fishing as an extractive activity on par with oil drilling and commercial bottom trawling?


Of course you don’t. 

But right now, that’s what some anti-fishing organizations are actively accusing us of. When demanding areas off the New England coast be designated as “fully protected” marine monuments, their real agenda is to set up no-fishing zones.

The federal government is currently exploring this issue. There is the potential for all recreational fishing to be banned, even though there’s no evidence to suggest we pose a threat to the habitat or fish populations in these areas.


It’s time to make your voice heard above our opponents – send a letter today.

Banning recreational fishing in these areas sets a dangerous precedent that could be used to lock out fishermen anywhere in the country. We can’t let our opponents drown us out.

Make your voice heard today.

If we lose here, we’ll lose everywhere.