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Get Warmth On Demand: Introducing The New Bearhug Hoodie

Bearhug Outerwear offers surrounded warmth that's replenished by your body's core resulting in possibly the highest warmth to weight ratio ever.

New Bearhug Hoodie
CORE design featured in new Bearhug hoodie
(Aug 27, 2015 - Chicago, IL)  Today, Bearhug Outerwear LLC announced the launch date of their new line of outerwear that offers instant relief from the cold. Their patent pending "double loft front" is a direct response to the clear limitations of current options – namely kangaroo pockets, which offer little warmth and coverage.  Bearhug works in a wide range of temperatures. Staying warm is easier hiking up a trail, but when you stop, you have a whole different set of needs.
"The Bearhug hoodie is meant for those who spend extended time in the outdoors hiking, backpacking, training, or hanging around the campsite," said Denish Ghayal, Co-Founder of Bearhug Outerwear. "When it gets cold, Bearhug offers complete coverage and incredible warmth with access to your core. Since your body is a heat-generating machine, the constant supply of warmth helps you recover for greater endurance and extended hours in the outdoors."

Lightweight and reliable for long journeys and unfavorable conditions, the Bearhug uses high-performance fabrics merged with a fundamental design to keep you sheltered from the cold. The durable soft-shell is finished with Storm Cotton™ for water-repellency, while a highly breathable Polartec® 100 fleece inner lining offers core heat management. During down time, your hands can relax inside a stretchy corepocket for extra warmth and comfort. The built-in storage and media-compartment allows you to travel with peace of mind as they keep your things safe and secure. A convenient earphone hole at the neck keeps your earphones nestled away for easy use – anytime. 

The new Bearhug Outerwear collection is expected to hit Kickstarter in the beginning of September 2015 with limited styles and colors including a Crew Neck, Pullover, and a Full Zip. The raw materials used for construction are made to order in California and New Jersey, while manufacturing will remain close to home in Chicago to ensure quality.

ABOUT BEARHUG OUTERWEAR: Bearhug Outerwear is an outdoor apparel company based in Chicago, IL. Co-founded by Denish Ghayal and Saurabh Dass.