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New Stroker/Mercury Racing Sterndrive Bass Boat

Scorpion 377 Sterndrive Provides Unmatched Performance Proving Itself a Viable Power Source for High Performance Bass Boat Market

by: Rick Mackie, Mercury Racing, Mercury Marine

(11/28/2000 - Fond du Lac, WI) Bryant Enterprises of Maryville, TN and Mercury Racing have teamed up to develop a high performance Stroker bass boat powered by the Mercury Racing Scorpion 377 sterndrive engine. The innovative combination of a 350 h.p. small-block V-8 sterndrive in a 21-foot bass boat has netted very positive results, providing unmatched performance with the Scorpion 377 sterndrive proving itself as a viable power source for the high performance bass boat market and is one low-emissions alternative to traditional 2-stroke performance outboards.

The experimental Stroker/Mercury Racing sterndrive package delivers incredible stability and handling. The use of a sterndrive engine package carries the weight well forward, which contributes to the enhanced stability. The wide, 94 *-inch beam makes the hull a good candidate for heavier sterndrive power. Chine walk is minimal with power steering, standard on the Scorpion 377, providing very light, responsive steering and control. The rig, capable of reaching 100 m.p.h. speeds, features a prototype Mercury Racing Bravo One drive (not yet available to the public) that is two inches shorter than a standard Bravo One drive.

The race-proven Scorpion 377 is smaller and lighter than larger displacement big blocks, yet provides comparable performance. It's compact size and high power-to-weight ratio enhances its versatility. In fact, the engine is the power of choice for the American Power Boat Association's (APBA) Offshore Pro Series. Powerboat racing's answer to the automotive IROC series, APBA's One Design V class features 24-foot canopied Armada V-bottom race boats powered by a single Mercury Racing Scorpion 377 engine coupled to a Bravo One drive.

The Scorpion's good looks conceal its wicked personality. Mercury Racing technicians blueprint this handcrafted engine, built on a 350 cubic inch GM block, by first increasing the stroke for an additional 27 cubic inches of displacement. The increased displacement, along with specialty engine components including a high-lift hydraulic camshaft, stainless steel intake and exhaust valves, balanced forged-steel crankshaft and lightweight aluminum alloy pistons, enhances power and torque throughout the engine's operating range. Fuel distribution is handled by a multiport electronic injection system developed by Mercury Racing.

Scorpion 377 - Specifications

  • Propshaft Rated Horsepower350 (261 kW) 
  • Full Throttle RPM Range4800-5200 
  • Displacement Liter/CID6.2 377 
  • Bore (in/mm)4.00/102 
  • Stroke (in/mm)3.75/95 
  • Compression Ratio9:1 
  • CylindersV-8 
  • Alternator (amp/watt)65/917 
  • Ignition TypeDigital 
  • Fuel SystemMPI 
  • Fuel Requirements92 Posted Octane (R+M)/2 (98 RON) 
  • Transmission- 
  • Drive UnitBravo One or Bravo One XZ 
  • Gear Ratio1.36:1 or 1.50:1 (Right Hand or Left Hand) 
  • Length (in/mm)37/940 
  • Width (in/mm)29/737 
  • Height (in/mm)22/559 
  • Weight (lbs./kg)969/441 
  • Warranty1-year Ltd. for recreational boating. 3-year Ltd. Corrosion

Stroker 21 Bass Boat Specifications

  • Manufacturer--Bryant Enterprises, Inc. 
  • Charles "Chub" Bryant - President 
  • 3944 Old Niles Ferry Road 
  • Maryville, TN 37801-0651 
  • (865) 983-2482 
  • Construction--100% Hand laid Deck and Hull - AME 4000 Resin 
  • Fuel Capacity38 Gallons 
  • Overall Length21 feet 
  • Beam94 inches 
  • Weight w/Scorpion 3772169 lbs.