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Beckson Offers A Variety Of Ports To Let In Light And Air

by: Martin Flory Group,

Photo by Martin Flory Group
(Feb 12, 2015 - Bridgeport, CT )

Warm sunshine and fresh air are great boating companions. Beckson Marine's Newport Opening and Fixed Ports are designed for maximum ventilation and illumination with rugged, watertight marine construction.

The Self Drain Opening model comes with an angled ramp molded on the inside of the spigot to promote drainage without the hassle of making slanted cuts in the hull, while also allowing for thru-bolting. The internal incline sits tightly against the gasket and lens, omitting an exterior water retention ledge, so there's no water-fall when opening it after a rain. They are best for mounting within 15° of vertical.

Beckson's Rain Drain version is built for installation where cabin sides have excessive angles. Similar products retain up to one third of a cup of water in each window when closed, soaking interiors and owners when opened. This port drains while tipped up to 45° degrees and will not collect rain and spray. It also has easy-to-clean open ducts that resist clogging.

Newport Fixed Ports are designed for light only and are best for areas where interior bulkheads, shelves or other restrictions are present. They are identical in size, shape, style, and strength to the opening ports. Standard structure provides for this model to be installed from the interior, with the trim ring on the exterior, maintaining the same recessed aesthetic appearance as Beckson's opening ports. The Fixed version can also be assembled for reverse mounting, with the trim ring on the interior. This unique design feature also permits thermo-pane construction for air-conditioned vessels or extreme environments.

Newport Opening and Fixed Ports share the same hole sizes and overall frame specifications so that they are interchangeable.

Suggested retail prices start at $70.20 for Fixed Ports and $130.75 for Opening Ports.

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