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Flurry of Flash and Fury

Versatile Fin-Wing affirmed as a predator fish’s worst worry under the ice  

by: David Rose, Traditions Media

(Jan 28, 2015 - Traverse City, MI)

Contrary to popular belief, predator fish are not always the unwavering marauders anglers make them to be. A brisk barometric crash or climb, intense-fishing-pressure or a misjudged moon phase can take their toll on of the moods of even the most ferocious fish.
Overall, when the bite for big fish, well, bites, it takes something extraordinary to grab their attention and reinvigorate that killer instinct.
If only there was a lure with the superlative flash to grab the attention of fish from afar along with an erratic wide-wafting stroke that accurately emulates sizable and frantic forage...
Through the ice, the Fin-Wing is not a bashful bait. With it's wide profile and substantial swimming strokes, the Fin-Wing aims to emulate larger baitfish species like smelt, herring, shad and mouthful-sized panfish.
Allow us to re-introduce Keweenaw Tackle Company’s Fin-Wing – a uniquely-shaped spoon that produces bursts of brightness from every angle as it literally “swims” towards the surface with every lift of your rod tip, and then flutterers enthusiastically on the fall.
Ice anglers targeting big predator fish – pike, walleyes, muskies and lake trout – often find that large sweeping jigging motions with a Fin-Wing garner the most attention, either fished alongside structure like weeds, wood or rock, or out in the open of a main-lake basin. But once a beast is spied on sonar, a less aggressive rise-and-fall action is the typical call-of-duty. Sometimes, nothing more than the nervousness produced by shaking the rod tip will convert a follow into a strike.   
The Fin-Wing keeps its tantalizing subsurface path whether it’s fished naked, tipped with a lively minnow or soft plastic bait. Even heavy-duty fluorocarbon leaders of 20-pound test won’t impede the lure’s action.
The dramatic Fin-Wing is available in 1/4, 3/4 and 1 ounce sizes. There are a dozen classic colors to choose from, 10 with translucent hues, and all tinted with UV paint for every degree of water clarity.  
Swim. Flutter. Flicker and flash. The Fin-Wing generates it all, including aggressive strikes from the biggest predators under the ice.  

A symbol of American ingenuity and hard work, the Fin-Wing™ design has been catching fish of all stripes since 1948. Today, the lure is the pride of Keweenaw Tackle Company; built in the Copper Country to the same rigid standards as the handmade original, using only the highest-quality materials and superior long-lasting finishes.