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Sebile Bull Crank

Bull in a Bass Closet

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Bull Crank
(Jan 23, 2015 - )

Patrick Sebile designs award-winning baits. That tradition of Sebile quality continues in their new Action FirstTM line of hard baits. The Sebile Bull CrankTM is the "go to" fat- bodied crankbait in any shallow to medium water situation. It is the perfect option when bass are aggressively seeking food to nourish before the spawn and through pre-summer periods.

The overall shape has a wide body designed to give off a wide action, visually attracting fish from far distances. The Bull Crank is offered in two sizes and two diving depths, arming anglers with tools to target shallow, cruising bass.

An Xternal Weight System assists the Bull Crank's tracking while readying the belly hanger for larger, pre- spawn bass.

When fishing shallow, there's no better bait than the shallow-lipped Bull Crank. Cast the bait and allow the bait to run and deflect off structure. After the bait makes contact, pause and let it slowly rise. That is precisely when bass and other predatory game fish will crush the Bull Crank. The silent, medium-lipped Bull Crank focuses on open water expanses and deeper structure searching for hungry bass.

The Bull Crank is the perfect cast and retrieve lure for any fisherman that likes to fish with ease in freshwater. It is available in four models, ranging from the 2-inch shallow model to the 2.5-inch medium diver version. Colors offered in the Bull Crank line include: Black Chrome Gold Head, Blue Red Craw, Greenback Ghost, Smokin' Black Shad, Smokin' Blue Chrome, Smokin' Purple Pearl, Spotted Blue Lime, Spotted Copper, Spotted Mess and Yellow Shad. The MSRP is $6.95.



  • 2-inch Bull Crank Shallow - $6.95
  • 2.5-inch Bull Crank Shallow - $6.95
  • 2-inch Bull Crank Medium - $6.95
  • 2.5-inch Bull Crank Medium - $6.95


  • Black Chrome, Blue Red Craw,
  • Greenback Ghost, Smokin’ Black Shad,
  • mokin’ Blue Chrome, Smokin’ Purple
  • Pearl, Spotted Blue Lime, Spotted Copper,
  • Spotted Mess and Yellow Shad

Designed by Patrick Sebile Wide action square bill For freshwater use
Xternal Weight System Silent running