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Lindner's Angling/Fishing Edge TV Keeps its Finger on the Pulse of Today's Sport Fishing World

by: Ruth Nelson, Lindner Media

Photo by courtesy Lindner Media
(Dec. 31, 2013 - Brainerd, MN)

It has been said, "The only constant is change," and as usual, our TV crew are busy keeping their finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving ancient art of angling.

Today, the door to the fishing world has been kicked open wider than ever before via online information and tools, many of which are accessible on mobile devices and cell phones. From plain old fishermen to top tournament professionals, anglers have become proficient using these tools, making them a vital part of their fishing strategy. Trip planning assistance, long-term weather and water conditions, area maps, solunar tables, tide tables and moon phases are available at the touch of a finger, as well as applications like Fishing Gold for furnishing historic fishery statistics.

There is no question about it..."the times, they are a-changing." The latest editions of Lindner's Angling / Fishing Edge Television show will kick off in January, 2014, exploring a wide array of new angling concepts, methods and products. Electronics have exploded into a whole new arena encompassing side imaging, down imaging, ultra-precise GPS-based contour maps, electronic anchors, and trolling motors that follow pre-determined courses. New super lines, rods, reels, lures - even sonar scanning 360 degree - round out some of the new technology we cover.

What is your favorite fish to target? If it swims in fresh water, we probably cover it. Our content includes: the hottest new walleye methods to come on the scene in decades; miniature lifelike lures that catch big crappie and bluegill; and, of course, our favorite approaches for catching musky, largemouth bass, pike, and smallmouth, along with the inside track on catfish, whitefish, brown trout and carp.

Between Lindner's Angling Edge and Fishing Edge we will cover over 30 different topics and explore 150 in-depth angling concepts. We air on a whole host of networks and broadcast stations. Visit us online at the anglingedge website to see when and where Angling Edge and Fishing Edge airs near you.