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Fins Spectra Super Line introduces the next generation of braided fishing line.

by: Bill Cork, Outdoor Communications

(10/31/2000 - ) Fins™ Spectra Super Line represents the next generation of braided fishing line. This incredible line enhances the strength of the high performance spectra fibers from which it is created. It is the best performing super line ever produced. FINS PRT Braid offers measurable performance beyond all other Superlines. Lines do not provide power; anglers and their catch do, and FINS PRT Braid harnesses that power with the most efficient performance per dollar of any Superline.

What makes it so good?
Outstanding Knot Performance

  • It holds a knot. The improved tensile retention at the knot is incredibly better than traditional super lines. 
  • Easier to tie due to the polymer reinforced technology.

Superior Casting

  • Eliminated air knots 
  • Smooth casting action improves distance 
  • Reduces rod tip "rap"

Amazing Tough

  • 500% increase in abrasion resistance over traditional super lines 
  • Offers 5 times the useful life of monofilament 
  • 100% UV stable

FINS™ Spectra Super Line may be used by anglers of all skill levels. It is designed for use with any type reel and will boost your confidence level significantly. FINS introduces the first Superline Certified to conform to IFGA Specifications for tensile strength. These new Tournament Grade Lines are offered in 30, 50, 80, 130 pound classes. Serious anglers now can have the advantages of Superline without jeopardizing their record catches.

Spectra Super Line by FINS™ comes in bulk spools and individual packs.