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Six Strategies for More Cold-Water Bass

How to Welcome Chilly Temps, Bag Both Smallies and Largemouths with 'Jack of All Trades' Bait

by: Jack Busby,

(Nov. 18, 2013 - )


During cold bluebird skies and cold fronts, bass will cling tight to cover - especially weed mats and clumps - for warmth. That's when Lindgren turns to the Kompak Craw for punching right into the bedrooms of big, lethargic bass.

"Florida waters are a good example of where cold water punching can definitely pay off. And rather than using a bait that's too obtrusive and can spook fish, the Kompak Craw is streamlined and punches great. It's thick enough that it displaces water and fish know it's there but it doesn't flail; the appendages stay close to the body, moving just the right amount to draw strikes."

Lindgren fishes the bait on a straight shank 4/0 flipping worm hook with weight stop and to 1-ounce tungsten bullet weight, tied to 25-pound fluorocarbon for clearer waters or 50-65 pound braid in dirtier waters.


Yet another way Lindgren likes to fish the bait is on a drop shot, particularly over deep brush piles that he spies with his electronics. "I simply nose hook the Kompak Craw and let it flutter as I ply deep brush, barely shaking it, keeping my eyes on my Humminbird 2D, which I set to 200/83kHz for the widest transducer cone, with my chart speed jacked up all the way to ten. That refreshes data the fastest. It's like sight fishing with electronics."
Lindgren says the Japanese finesse Neko Rig tactic is a great way to seduce to late-season bass roaming shallow flats or positioned under docks or shallow cover. "Its a great skipping bait."
Photo by Jack Busby
"The Kompak Craw makes an ideal punching bait. Its unobtrusive and slides through the junk with ease. Especially during late fall and winter, you dont want something too big with too much action," says Lindgren. From Florida waters to the California Delta
Photo by Jack Busby