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Berkley Havoc 5-Inch Flat Dawg

Not the Ordinary Stick Bait

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Berkley HAVOC 5-inch Flat Dawg
(Nov. 16, 2013 - Columbia, SC)

The Berkley HAVOC 5-inch FLAT Dawg is unlike any other stick baits on the market. For starters, the Berkley bait team and I designed it. Secondly, the flat body shape makes this one stick out about the rest.

I've seen the others, but this Flat Dawg wiggles and wobbles partly due to the flat body shape. It also employs a slightly bent tail, which I have never seen before on a stick bait.

This small modification helps activate tail movement even with little or no weight. Finally, the Flat Dawg has small pocks or pits in the body for more water displacement across the bait.

I rig this bait wacky rigged on a 2/0 hook right in the center of the body. I target brush piles or stumps where fish cling. It is also perfect for deeper, vertical jigging opportunities.

When I make the northern swing on the Elite Series I look forward to these opportunities because this style of fishing is right in my wheelhouse. The action of the Flat Dawg seems to intensify as it falls deeper and that is where I locate most of my smallmouth.

It doesn't matter where I am fishing the Flat Dawg. Berkley HAVOC baits have the right color to match any situation. With 12 colors to choose from, the Flat Dawg comes in eight baits per package for $3.49.

Black, Black Small Blue,
Cinnamon Purple Fleck,
Dark Watermelon Black,
Green Pumpkin,
Green Pumpkin Candy,
Green Pumpkin Gold Blue,
Milky Pumpkinseed,
Pearl White Silver,
Smoke Small Black,
Watermelon Silver Red,
Watermelon Small Black

Berkley HAVOC 5-inch Flat Dawg - $3.49 for resealable package of 8

Berkley HAVOC Pro
Designed - Mike Iaconelli
Unique flat body design
Bent tail for increased action