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Sebile Action First Family Of Hardbaits

Designed by Award Winning Lure Designer Patrick Sebile

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Sebile introduces sevgen new designs.
Photo by courtesy Sebile USA
(Nov. 15, 2013 - Columbia, S.C.)

Sebile baits have been an industry leader since the company first entered the market in 2006. After all, the lead designer is Patrick Sebile who has established himself as a world-class angler with multiple IGFA world records of which 26 are still current. Sebile has fished in nearly 60 countries worldwide using his own designed baits. With the world as his testing laboratory, Sebile designed baits are proven fish catchers. And now Sebile is introducing his next family of lures, aptly named Action First.

Seven new designs are being introduced targeting bass fishing. The suspending Star Shiner has a finesse body and bill for a tight swimming action with one internal free knocking bead. The humpbacked Bull Minnow has a wider swimming action with one large internal free knocking bead. The Bull Crank has a wide swimming action, no rattles, and a square bill to deflect off cover. The Squarebill Sunfish has one internal free knocking bead and deflects off cover while emulating a sunfish. The deep-diving Racer Crank has a tight swimming action and is designed to dive quickly. The Lipless Seeker has a tight swimming action and two rattle chambers, for more noise. The rounded head Vibe Machine has one knocker bead and a wider swim action.

These seven baits cover the entire water column depending on the presentation. Besides new shapes, the Action First lures feature an Xternal Weight System optimizing swim action, tracking and durability. Hooks are premium black nickel with the belly hook cemented in the weight. Each bait has the exclusive Sebile 3D eye.

Each bait is offered in a wide array of colors, each personally selected by Sebile.

The Action First baits are delivered in bi-fold packaging that includes tips and techniques for the individual bait.

MSRP $5.95 to $7.95

Designed by Patrick Sebile Black nickel hooks Belly hook cemented in weight Excellent body color options Freshwater or saltwater Xternal Weight System