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Unique Squid Design Last Longer

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Gulp! Alive! Squido three crazy legs for unmatched action.
Photo by courtesy Berkley Gulp! Alive!
(Nov. 15, 2013 - Columbia, S.C.)

Live bait has an expiration date. Each angler has been in a situation that involves throwing away unused, live bait. Anglers that use Berkley Gulp! Alive baits are on the other side of the coin, placing used bait back in the container for future fishing trips. The newest addition to the Gulp! Alive! family is equally impressive with its staying power. The 6-inch Squido is a great replacement for live bait when anglers are tired of throwing out lifeless, unusable bait.

Featuring three crazy legs for unmatched action, the Gulp! Alive! Squido can be used multiple times by simply recharging the bait back in its original container of Gulp! Alive! formula.

Although the body of the Squido lends itself to many rigging options, one of the most popular ways to rig is on a jig. The enticing action of the Squido is perfect for a one-ounce swivel jig head. Rig the Squido on the swivel jig head, cast out and drag back to the boat. It is a simple process that produces results.

Gulp! Alive! 6-inch Squido come in 20.3 ounce containers with eight color options including: Camo, Chartreuse, Glow, New Penny, Pearl White, Pink, Rootbeer Red Fleck and Watermelon Red Glitter. MSRP for the Squido is $19.99.

Crazy Legs design for more action

New Penny
Pearl White
Rootbeer Red Fleck
Watermelon Red Glitter

MSRP Berkley Gulp! Alive! 6-inch Squido - $19.99 for package of six
Gulp! Alive! Formula