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Priced Right for Anglers on the Go

by: Blue Heron Communications,

New Berkley Gulp! Alive! Half Pint.
Photo by Blue Heron Communications
Gulp! Alive - Saltwater
Photo by Blue Heron Communications
(Nov. 11, 2013 - Columbia, SC)

Gulp! Alive! is a mainstay for salt and freshwater fishing. Anglers will notice a change when cruising their sporting shops coming this fall. Gulp! Alive! is changing things up a touch with new 1/2 pint packaging.

These new 1/2 pint designs are perfect for anglers needing just a small amount of Gulp! Alive! baits when they are headed out to their favorite fishing spot. Available in freshwater and saltwater half pints, the new packaging is ergonomically designed to stow away easily.

Each bait container features two sealing areas for increased protection against spilling. Baits can also be easily viewed so anglers don?t have to spend valuable fishing time trying to decide if it is the correct bait or not before purchasing. Baits included are all very popular shapes, colors and sizes.

Freshwater half pint shapes include: nightcrawler, leech, minnow and minnow grub. The saltwater half pint includes: jerk shad, mantis shrimp, shrimp and swimming mullet. MSRP for Gulp! Alive! half pint shapes are $9.95.

For further information on the Berkley Gulp! Alive! half pints or any other Berkley Gulp! Alive! or Gulp! products visit

4-inch Nightcrawler
3-inch Leech
5-inch Jumbo Leech
2.5 inch Minnow
3 inch Minnow
4 inch Minnow
3 inch Minnow Grub
6 inch Nightcrawler

Saltwater Shapes
5 inch Jerk Shad
3 inch Mantis Shrimp
2 inch Shrimp
3 inch Shrimp
4 inch Swimming Mullet

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Half Pint - $9.95
Gulp! Alive- Freshwater
Photo by Blue Heron Communications