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LIVETARGET Saltwater Shrimp Lives Up to "Live" Reputation

by: Gary Dollahon, Dollahon PR

LIVETARGET Shrimp comes in 3-inch and 4-inch versions.
Photo by Gary Dollahon
(Jul. 12, 2013 - LAS VEGAS, NV)

Even for Las Vegas, the odds seemed unsurmountable for LIVETARGET to make it four in a row for "Best of Show" wins in the lure category, but the innovative new BaitBall design took top honors at ICAST this week for "Hard Lures." Since 2010, LIVETARGET has won "Best" in either the hard or soft lure category at the show, determined by vote by attending buyers and press.

While LIVETARGET had the show halls rocking with its creative new hard baits, the company was also making noise with its first ever injection molded soft-plastic bait that utilizes the full anatomical detail and life-like colors that have been the trademark and heritage of the brand for its popular and exquisite hard lure designs. The new LIVETARGETShrimp is pre-rigged and destined to become the best alternative to fishing with fresh Shrimp, as it so closely resembles the real deal.

The LIVETARGET Shrimp comes in 3-inch and 4-inch versions. The new series is a handsome complement to the full lineup of inshore and near shore saltwater hard-bait lures already available by LIVETARGET. The bait has precise balance and a slow natural fall due to the strategic placement of the internal weight.

The LIVETARGET Shrimp hosts life-like legs that produce a natural swimming movement to further emulate a natural shrimp. Proprietary shrimp scent is infused into the plastic during the manufacturing process to add even more familiarity to a predator's sense of smell and taste. The lures also have a special rattle chamber built in to deliver the "ticking" sounds associated with a shrimp's movement.

Premium saltwater hooks are pre-rigged in the LIVETARGET Shrimp as appropriate to each model's size and custom weight system.

Fantastic LIVETARGET colors for the new saltwater soft plastic series include six "real" shrimp patterns in extreme detail, including Brown, Sand, Glass, Pink, Glow and White. The assortment offers excellent choices to match water color and clarity for the variety of saltwater and estuary fishing conditions inshore anglers most frequently encounter.

LIVETARGET Shrimp are sold as either single or four-baits-per-package options. A single 3-inch lure is MSRP priced at $4.49, and the 4-inch for $5.49. The four-lure value package is MSRP priced at $10.49 for 3-inch and $11.49 for the 4-inch size. The product is expected to be available at retail in November 2013.

About the LIVETARGET brand: Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp. launched the LIVETARGET brand in 2008 and has developed a full family of life-like fishing lures that "match the hatch" to specific game fish forage. The lures feature industry-leading engineering in realism and workmanship that have that resulted in award-winning lures that most closely mimic nature's best designs. LIVETARGET lures have won ICAST "Best of Show" awards in the lure category for three consecutive years: 2010, 2011 and 2012. The company is headquartered in Ontario, but with significant U.S. operations and sales worldwide through associated sales representatives and retailers. Visit the livetargetlures website.