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Berkley Havoc Bait Binder

1170 & 1490 Bait Binders For Ease and Accessibility

Portfolio-Style Bags with Removable Padded Shoulder Strap
Photo by Ron Giudice - Pure Fishing
(Mar. 03, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA) Bait bags are a necessary evil when it comes to fishing, and managing all those bags of different shapes and colors is even more tedious than ever. Berkley? has developed a unique solution to carting around bait packages with the new Berkley Bait Binder. These portfolio-style bags come in two sizes, which include a small 1170 model and larger 1490 size. Bait Binders are equipped with removable padded shoulder strap, carrying handle, pliers holder, seven heavy-duty bags and zippered pockets for tool storage. The smaller 1170 Bait Binder carries up to 21 standard bait packages while the 1490 model stores up to 42 standard soft bait packages. Each Bait Binder comes complete with an easy access mesh inside pouch and large external pocket with lanyard D-ring and four zippered terminal tackle storage compartment. The 1170 and 1490 Berkley Bait Binders work perfectly with Berkley PowerBait? and Berkley Gulp!? tackle bags for easy transportation and convenient access to the baits. The easy-to-carry binder is equipped with two internal straps for Berkley jar baits or Berkley Bio-Dip. MSRP for the small Berkley 1170 Bait Binder is $14.99 and the larger Berkley 1490 Bait Binder is $19.99. FEATURES: MSRP 1170 Bait Binder $14.99 1490 Bait Binder $19.99 Removable Padded Shoulder Strap Carrying Handle Pliers Holder 7 Heavy Duty Bags Holds Up To 21 Standard Bait Bags (1170 Bait Binder) Holds Up To 42 Standard Bait Bags (1490 Bait Binder) Terminal Tackle Storage