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Berkley Havoc Smash Tube

New Havoc 4-inch Smash Tube Stands Above the Rest

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

1265977 Havoc 4-inch Smash Tube
Photo by Kevin Jarnagin
1265981 Angle Havoc 4-inch Smash Tube
Photo by Kevin Jarnagin
(Mar. 02, 2013 - Spirit Lake, IA) Fishing for Erie smallmouth or trekking down to the huge largemouth bass in the Harris Chain of Lakes, fishing a tube is a staple. The new Berkley Havoc Smash Tube, designed by Mike Iaconelli, gives anglers an oval body when other tube baits are just plain round. The Smash Tube delivers an oval-shaped body for better performance in open water and around structure. The hollow body cavity and dual coloring of the Smash Tube along with the numerous tentacles trailing behind give fish a reason to strike. The 4-inch body easily collapses around the hook, giving anglers a more positive hook set each time on the water. "With the Havoc Smash Tube, we wanted to create a tube that would fall and glide erratically on every cast, could be fished in both heavy cover and open water situations and have all kinds of unique two-color patterns," said Michael Iaconelli of the Berkley Havoc Pro Team. "The flatter (smashed) body makes it easier for hook penetration and the fatter tentacles deliver increased water displacement." Rigging the bait vertically with a tube hook allows for an effortless swimming action, and pegging a bullet weight Texas rigged Smash Tube horizontally gives a smooth gliding action through heavy cover. 4-inch available in six colors: Bruise, Just Norm, Newman, Norm Blue, Red Rum and Roulette, the Havoc Smash Tube is equipped with dual-color tentacles that give it that extra flash to entice the strike. Count: 6/package MSRP for a package of six Berkley Havoc Smash Tubes is $3.49.
1265979 Havoc 4-inch Smash Tube
Photo by Kevin Jarnagin