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Raytheon Marine Introduces New GPS Chartplotter Utilizing WAAS Technology Developed for FAA

Raychart 320 Delivers High-Performance in a Compact Package

(10/11/2000 - Nashua, NH) Raytheon Marine, the leading supplier of marine electronics to the worldwide recreational marine market, today introduced the new Raychart 320. At the heart of the Raychart 320 is a new 12 channel parallel GPS receiver capable of receiving augmented GPS WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) satellite differential signals. Developed by Raytheon for the FAA to improve precision landings of commercial aircraft, WAAS is an integrated system of ground based reference stations and two geo stationary satellites broadcasting precision differential GPS corrections to WAAS enabled GPS receivers. In addition to enhanced accuracy, WAAS provides extended inland and offshore coverage that exceeds current DGPS systems.

"GPS accuracy has always been extremely important in applications such as fishing, racing and general navigation," states Jeffrey O. Fellows, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Recreational Products.  "With Raytheon's new GPS products utilizing WAAS technology, GPS accuracy has never been so affordable," adds Fellows.

The Raychart 320's oversized 4.74" display and large digital readouts make viewing information from any position easy. Combining the latest in FSTN LCD screens and state of the art WAAS GPS technology puts the new Raychart 320 into the line of high performance products Raytheon is famous for.

The compact Raychart 320 utilizes 12-channel WAAS GPS accuracy with up-to-the minute chartplotting functionality providing top performance. Although the Raychart 320 has the capacity for two C-MAP NT micro cartridges, the unit has the added advantage of a built in world map, accessing charting information down to a range of 6 miles. The built in world map provides "planning" chart detail and major offshore and non floating navaids.

"One can get lost in all the technical mumbo jumbo concerning GPS and what they can and can not do," said smallmouth bass legend Jeff Snyder of Massillon, Ohio.  "So in layman's terms, fishermen could really use a nav aid that will help them run in all weather…WAAS and the Raychart 320 does that but so much more."  Snyder continues. "The accuracy of the WAAS system is advertised less than 2 meters (under 6 feet),  this means anglers can use the system to accurately return to elusive offshore shipwrecks, brushpiles, humps, ledges and those hidden hotspots that often take hours to get back on. The new WAAS system and Raychart 320 is truly a fishing GPS."

Raychart 320 is fully compatible with NMEA and Sea Talk. This powerful integration allows the unit to display information from other compatible on-board instruments, sharing GPS and navigation data including cursor exchange with other plotters and radars.

Summary of Raychart 320 key features

  • Built in world map down to a range of 6 miles

  • Accesses C-MAP cartography via dual micro charts

  • 4 3/4" FSTN Display

  • 4 Grey Scales/ 4 Levels Backlighting/ 8 Levels Contrast

  • Built in 12 Channel WAAS GPS, complete with low profile antenna/pole mount & cable

  • Better than 2 meter accuracy 95% of the time

  • SeaTalk/NMEA compatible

  • Displays screen options for Plotter Mode, Digital Data Displays, Running Log and Graphical Steering Aids.

  • 1,000 waypoints, 20 reversible routes of 50 waypoints each, 2,000 track points.

  • Waterproof to US CFR 46
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