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Waterproof Charger Can Handle Four Batteries At A Time

by: Martin Flory Group,

Powermania Turbo M430 onboard battery charger.
Photo by Martin Flory Group
(Dec. 31, 2012 - Santa Clara, CA)

When enjoying the great outdoors, enthusiasts can't let something as annoying as dead batteries ruin their fun. Powermania's Turbo M430 onboard battery charger can charge up to four 12V batteries at a time, enabling users to spend more time outside doing what they love.

The waterproof Turbo M430 is prewired with four DC output cables. Its compact design makes it a good fit for mid-to-full sized boats or vehicles. The M430 is the ideal charger for any 12, 24, 36 or 48V DC battery system with capacity ratings ranging up to 360 Ah. It weighs only 14.6 lbs.

Featuring three-stage smart charge and adaptive loading, the Turbo M430 fully charges all connected batteries in full automation and also completes charging cycles in the shortest time possible. The adaptive loading feature dynamically adjusts the charger's output level on each output bank. More charging power is allocated to the battery that is lowest in charge and less charging power is given to the battery that is closest to being fully charged.

Powermania's M430 is equipped with extensive safety and advanced features, including a connection check warning to alert users that the battery is not being charged. A battery check warning alerts users to check/replace a defective battery. The Turbo M430 also features Ignition

Protection, Over-Current Protection, Overheat Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection and Short Circuit Protection. Powermania's Turbo M430 Onboard Charger costs $379.

Contact Powermania, 3333 Bowers Avenue, Suite 130, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Toll-free: 1-888-581-8168., visit the powermaniausa website.