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Big Bass in December

by: Ricky Vandergriff,

(Dec. 06, 2012 - Tyler, TX) December is a month when most of your outdoors man are still hunting and others getting ready for Christmas and then there are the ones that have already taken their bag limit of deer and are now thinking about fishing and getting ready for the spring spawn. This group of fisherman that put their boats into storage in September and don't think of their boats until late December or even later will be the group that have to pull their rigs down to the boat shop to get them worked on because they didn't take care of their boats when they placed them into storage. That's right they will spend several hard earned dollars because they didn't do a few easy steps when they put their boats away. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you have your rig ready for fishing when you decide your ready. I run Mercury engines so I use two different additives to help keep my engine clean. The first is Mercury quick lean and the other is stabilizes ethanol cleaner both work on ethanol which ethanol is a great product that the government came up with that in the opinions of most mechanics say causes more trouble than it's worth. Now these are the additives I use but you may have one you like better but the big thing is use one of some sort. Another expensive item is your batteries. As you know during the year while fishing you seldom ever have problems with your batteries due to the constant use but when we put our rigs up for a few months our batteries will tend to go bad, here are a few things you can do to help prevent that happening. First if a battery is being used it will tend to last longer, so try this, get a 12 volt bulb and plug it into an extension cord and hook the other end to your batteries and let the bulb run your batteries down slowly and keep a charger hooked up on a timer so that it will come on and recharge your batteries slowly with about a 2 amp charge and once a month check your water in the batteries just as if you were fishing each day. Now I know your not fishing and out there with your boat so you will tend to forget about your rig during this time of year so do as I do, you have your monthly bills that need to be paid marked on a calender so put check battery water on the calender to remind you, it works for me so it should work for you as well. This will keep everything good on into the spring if you don't choose to fish sooner. Now for those that fish all year like I do well a little gas treatment will still be good to put in your tank because as we all know with all the additives they put in our gas these days our rigs will still need a bit of help to keep the carbon from building up on our pistons. Now lets take a minute and talk about our lake levels and surface temperatures. Lake Palestine is about 1 1/2 foot low, the lake for the most part is clear and the surface temps are in the upper 50's to the mid 60's. Bass are good to 8 lbs., crappie are good on jigs with some good stringers of ] 1 lb. Size. Sand Bass and Hybrids have been fair on points early and late and catfish are very good on jug lines, trout lines and rod n reel. As I said a moment ago our lake is low so watch for the stumps and sand bars when running the lake and be safe while on the water, use your kill switches and your life jackets oh yes check your throw cushions and your fir extinguishers to make sure they are charged up. It seems to me we forget these things until we get stopped and then it's too late. We have now talked about lake levels, boat maintenance and a little bit about the fishing but I haven't got into why we fish during the cold days of December. Now let's look at our bass and why this can be such a good month for fishing for big bass. December is the month that the big bass begin to get ready for the spawn. They started putting on weight in November with their egg rolls starting to develop and now in December the egg rolls will get even larger and the bass will get even heavier as the month moves toward the end. The bass will continue to get larger and with this they will feed fewer times during the month but when they do feed they will eat bigger quantities and the bait fish they feed on will tend to be larger so that they won't have to work so hard to fill up during this feeding time. Now that we know the bass will be eating fewer times and feeding on larger bait fish we will need to know good locations to find these bass. As we have all heard in the years past 100% of the bass bass can be found in only 10% of the lake. Now as most are thinking where is that 10% well your lake can be divided up into sections to make it a smaller area to fish. Once you break it up you should have a north end a south end a west side and yes a eastern side. Now let's break it down smaller we know that the water temps are colder now than normal due to the cold fronts moving through so lets try to make our section warmer than normal but how do we make this happen? Well it's simple the eastern section of any body of water will normally always be warmer than any other section of the lake due to it having the warm rays of the sun on it for a longer period of time. Now that we have the lake broken into sections we can work the eastern section of each section and have the warmer waters. Now that we have this part broken down now lets look for creek channels or drainage ditches in these areas for the fish to use as highways because these channels will be where your bait fish will work up and down each day to find the food they live on and with this, the larger bass will be working these bends every day looking for the larger bait fish and when we put all this together we will go home winers for the day. Now lures to catch these fish with I have several lures I like to fish with just as you do but I go a bit further than most I like to get involved deep into my fishing so I started making a lot of my lures I fish with. To name a few they are #1 The Bug Eyed Jig. I fish this jig just about every time I go fishing some time during the day, another lure is my Shimmy Shaker Swim bait and my new Foot Ball Shaker. I can fish this lure like a jig slow off the bottom or I can fish it moving like a spinner bait, and another lure I have added to my Shaker line is my New Swim Shaker this lure revolutionizes the Swim Jig. Next I can Never leave out my trusty 430 Special Spinner bait. The 430 special is a spinner bait I came up with back in the 90's and has proved to be a winner for me for over 15 years. The 430 Special is a double blade spinner bait using special blades and colors to make more flash than the ones you buy on the shelves in your local tackle stores. I build my own spinner baits and and other baits and this will help me to fish the right type of spinner or lure when the weather calls for something different. and last I like to throw a Bomber BD6 crank bait they work well when you have some open water near the channel . I will fish each of these lures slow and with the water being colder you should cast into a spot several times so that you give the bass a chance to hit your lure because he will be very slow to react so you will need to give him a chance to make you a winner when the day is done. December is a month to score big in bass fishing and you can at times catch good numbers of bass but normal fishing trips you won't catch the numbers but you will have that chance of a life time to land that trophy bass you always dreamed of. Remember that when you do catch that trophy bass she really needs a chance to go back into the water so that she can hatch out the eggs she is caring so that she can help us the fisherman keep a sport we all love so much to carry on another year. If you want that wall mount do as I do carry a good scale to weigh your fish on and a roll up tape measure so you can measure her girth and length and get a replica made of your life time bass. If you need a great taxidermy try the guys I use Jason and Clayton at the Lake Fork Taxidermy they will make your replica look better than real. Well I could talk fishing with you for ever but I guess I need to go for now because I have my boat in the water and my favorite lures tied on and I think another big bass is waiting on me to cast her way.