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Fishing the Arkansas River in the Summer Heat

Bill Dennis
Photo by Central Arkansas Guide Services
Hunter Harris at Lake Maumelle.
Photo by Central Arkansas Guide Services
(Jul. 30, 2012 - Little Rock, AR.)

The Arkansas River starts in Colorado with the melting of the snow and rainfall through four states and winding its way southeast to join the mighty Mississippi River and continues to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Arkansas River is now controlled by a series of locks and damns that offer some of the best bass fishing in the United States. There are numerous backwaters, sloughs and tributaries to the river which can offer a challenge to any novice or experienced angler.

River fishing is unique and can offer a variety of techniques which can be successful , however, when fishing this time of the year on the Arkansas River the angler should be very accurate with their casts to insure a quality bite of the large mouth bass.

The water surface temperature is eighty two degrees in the morning and will increase to eighty six degrees in the afternoon and the heat index is up to one hundred seven degrees outside. Vegetation and wood structure are plentiful on the river and must be targeted with accurate bait presentation to be successful. When wood structure presents itself, a plastic work or jig are the best presentation. When there is grass, moss or lily pads, present a frog, spinner bait or buzz bait can be applied.

The bottom line is to locate the food source "shad" and you will locate the fish. Some bait fish are not on the bank. They are suspended over six to ten feet of water and constantly on the move. Consequently you may experience some schooling activity. In that case, remember to have a top water tied on. A "Pop R" or "Yellow Magic" is what this writer prefers, however, the top water activity seem to be the smaller fish.

Temperatures have been in the low one hundreds with the heat index of one hundred and five to one hundred and seven during the afternoon. Remember to hydrate often and use sun screen to prevent sunburn. Good luck fishing and tight lines to you.

Article written by: Bill Dennis owner Central Arkansas Fishing Guide Services, Inc.
Arkansas River bass.
Photo by Central Arkansas Guide Services