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Here is the call-shot report.

by: Michael Banks, DDS, Friends of the Neches River

Sabine Pass catch!
Photo by Michael Banks, DDS
(Jun. 04, 2012 - Sabine Pass, TX)


Here is the call-shot report. A call-shot is when you call it and it happens.

I left Jacksonville a little after 11 am; stopped at the deer lease near Alto to fill feeders. Non stop thru Beaumont, Port Arthur to almost Sabine Pass.

I was on the water in my kayak by 5 pm and had a 24 in. redfish in the yak by 5:30!
Caught another red at 22 in. and a quick release on another.

I was using the topwater shown in the pic.

Redfish have a mouth on the bottom so when they hit a topwater it is really an explosion. They really come out of the water to hit. And reds are a strong predator. Needless to say, I am excited.

I was drifting with the wind; casting ahead and only covered about 1/2 mile. There was a great amount of luck involved as I did not know what I was doing.

That's fishing but it sure is fun when it is catchin'.
And that's my report.

Till we put in again,