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28-5 Lbs Takes Bolivar Slam -- Team Cast-A-Spell Wins

by: Ed Snyder, Ed Snyder Outdoors

Bolivar Slam- Yea Man
Photo by Ed Snyder
The Children - Winners ALL
Photo by Ed Snyder
(May. 20, 2012 - Bolivar Peninsula, TX. ?)

Forty nine teams signed up to compete in the 3rd Annual Bolivar Slam Fishing Tournament event held on Saturday, May 19, 2012, which allowed teamed anglers to fish for slam limits of three (3) speckled trout, two (2) redfish, and one (1) flounder. Those that managed to catch a slam limit won cash prizes and were granted a free entry into next years 4th Annual Bolivar Slam Fishing Tournament.

But the team who managed to catch the most poundage, but missed getting the slam limit, were to become the overall winners of this popular event. That team, who fished live piggy perch and top-water plastics along East Bay and Dollar Reef structure, came in with a "whopping" 28-05 lbs, tipping the scales to a first place win of $2,000, the prestigious 1st place trophy, and the "Bragging Rights" to the 3rd Annual Bolivar Slam Fishing Tournament.

Top 3 teams;
1st- (28-5) -Team-Cast-A-Spell- Kyle Hooper, Bubba Pyle, Jeremy Wilson, Chad Wright, and Brea Wright fished the East Bay and Dollar reef areas with live piggy perch and soft to hard plastic lures to claim their first place trophy.

2nd- (26-12)- $1,000- Team- Smackem- Justin Bell, Cal Simmons, Robby Martins, Jake Jordan fished soft and hard plastics along with live croaker around the jetty's, south shore, deep reef, and the bath tub to claim their 2nd place trophy.

3rd- (26-3)- $500- Team - Sarge Upchurch, David Jeans, Mike Thompson, and Keith Varner fished hard and soft plastics within the East Bay areas to claim their 3rd place trophy)

Heaviest Speck- (6-11)- $1,200- T. Braxton- caught on a Big Nasty lure. As the adult teams were fishing for "slam-limits" the youngest anglers were trying to "slam" their fishing event home by noon, with several hardheads, drum, and croaker being caught and weighed at Stingray Marina- But the most exciting action came when two young anglers hooked up with, but lost, a rather large Sheepshead and a HUGE Black Drum that was estimated at over 35inches.

Top Children Winners-
1st- Troy Marza
2nd- Houston Marza Hebert
3rd- Joseph Marza-

Next years 4th Annual Bolivar Slam Fishing Tournament is now being planned and coordinated by the Bolivar Chamber of Commerce- Contact the bolivarchamberofcommerce website for more info.

This event was sponsored by and supported by Pete Jorgensen Marine of Beaumont, TX. And - Yamaha Outboards- Pathfinder- Alumacraft- Cobia- Silverwave- Courvilles TexJoy- Cobb Realty- Gaboure- Stingray Marina- Laguna- TIKI- Brint- Locomo- Samson- Twice-Ice- Coastal- Tidal Surge Lures- and The Bolivar Chamber of Commerce-

This Tournament report sponsored by, - Miss Nancy's Bait Camp- The Beach Triton-
Braxton with his $1,200 big trout catch.
Photo by Ed Snyder
CAST-A-SPELL - first place team- $2,000.
Photo by Ed Snyder