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28th Annual KCKL Big Bass Tournament Results

April 2 - 3, 2011

by: Mike McBurney,

( - Log Cabin Park - Cedar Creek Lake, TX)

Many families and couples attend the KCKL Tournament year after year. In fact several have a record of three generations all fishing this event and we have several who haved fished all 28 KCKL Bass Tournaments.

Vicki Gunn 4.43 Allen
Michele Richardson 4.34 Mabank
Kathleen Fuller 3.72 Ennis

YOUTH DIVISION The kids in the $10 Entry Youth Divsion had lots of fun, won prizes, and even placed high in the Hourly competition
Brian Wright 5.11 Ovilla
Dawson Gowin 4.90 Palmer
Paul Matlock 4.39 Combine
Skyler Lewis 4.33 Kemp
Cody Kennedy 3.30 Purdon
Austin Megallon 3.08 Mabank
Tristan Godbey 2.99 Tool
Justin Shelton 2.88 Kemp
Zachery Mahony 2.81 Blooming Grove
Dakota Moore 2.59 Red Oak

As usual, each day after the 3:00 final Hour Weigh-in, drawings for the 80+ Door Prizes begins. You must be present to win

We would like to thank and acknowledge all our Tournament sponsors and supporters in the 28th Annual KCKL Tournament including Radio Station KCKL 95.9 FM, Strike King Lures, Kistler Rods, Vicious Fishing Line, Sewin Sam's Embroidered Graphics, and Bumper Stumper Lures.
Many anglers reported catching numerous 4 to 5 lb bass
Photo by courtesy KCKL Big Bass Tournament
Photo by courtesy KCKL Big Bass Tournament
Photo by Mike McBurney
Photo by courtesy KCKL Big Bass Tournament