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Bite Heating up At World's Best Peacock Bass Destination

Anglers Inn International Amazon Report

by: Kevin Jarnagin, Blue Heron Communications

Joe Thomas, host of Stihls Reel in the Outdoors.
Photo by courtesy Anglers Inn
(Jan. 31, 2012 - the Amazon River)

Billy Chapman Jr. and Anglers Inn International provide the best angling experiences. The Amazon is home to the greatest Peacock bass fishing in the world, and anglers seeking the best action go Billy Chapman, Jr. Joe Thomas, host of Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors, recently joined Billy Chapman Jr., and the experience is one he will never forget.

On the trip, Thomas and his crew were catching 30-40 fish/day on a Lucky Craft Gunfish and prop baits. The shallower water moved fish out from the cover, allowing all anglers to enjoy bone-crushing, top-water action. Fish ranging in the 8-12-pound range were common with a few 13 ? 15 pounders being landed. Anglers can also expect to catch a few different species of piranhas and other Amazon-dwelling fish.

"This is a real fishing trip," said Thomas. "Billy positioned himself and his clients to fish the absolute best waters. Anglers Inn International Amazon spares no expense to offer that every angler, no matter of skill level, the ability to fish relaxed and with every creature comfort we have become accustomed to."

Utilizing the exclusive Floating Suites, anglers will have the unique opportunity to fish new water each day. These suites have the ability to navigate beyond natural barriers to reach the most exclusive fishing areas where other anglers are not allowed.

Not only are these air-conditioned suites spacious, they also have a riverside back porch, giving angler the perfect opportunity to enjoy an evening cocktail. Each of the Anglers Inn Amazon guests enjoyed their trip that was enhanced by the "Anglers Inn Way." The Floating Suites are located close enough to the good fishing to allow easy access to an air-conditioned meal, a refreshing shower or swim and comfortable siesta.

"I really can't put into words the comfort of our stay," said Thomas. "These Floating Suites are put together flawlessly. They are done in the Billy Chapman Jr. style ? no expense spared. The staff goes way beyond what is necessary to make you feel at home while winding up the remote Amazon. There is also those famous margarita's that has become a staple at all Angler Inn International properties."

Anglers that enjoy the trip-of-a-lifetime are treated to new experiences each day of the trip. Floating Suites give guests the opportunity to fish new water each day. The oversized rooms and air conditioning make every day enjoyable. Even the most novice anglers find themselves having tremendous success.

"Billy Chapman, Jr. did something I've never seen an outfitter do before ? he personally guided a fishing novice for an entire day. Thomas continued, "By the time Billy was done with him, he was out fishing the more seasoned anglers. It was service beyond what any other outfitter has done. But, that is what makes Anglers Inn International so unique."

As an added bonus, before the trip Billy Chapman Jr. sends each angler an Amazon Tough bag with all the gear needed to keep you safe in the Amazon. Thomas added, "This is one aspect that I neglected to take into account. Billy thought of everything you need in the Amazon and sends it to you as a gift. This is literally all you need for your trip. Pack a few pairs of fishing pants, some shirts, sunglasses and a good head cover then you're set. I wish I would have packed lighter."

"We believe we have thought of everything to keep anglers as comfortable as possible for the tough Amazon conditions," said Chapman. "Each angler that fishes with us is treated like royalty. They get to experience the true culture of the forest, complete with sounds of Howler monkeys and all that is the Amazon." See short videos, photos and client testimonials for yourself at the anglersinn webswite.

Anglers Inn Amazon still has a few openings for February ? March which is when they will switch fishing venues to the tributaries north of Manaus. Anglers Inn International also has an Anglers Inn Sportsman's Club Family Vacation Specialist and a Travel Specialist to assist you in every aspect of your Amazon Fishing Trip. For more info or for booking your next Anglers Inn International adventure at either the Amazon, Lake El Salto, Lake Mateos or a saltwater fishing trip call 1-800-GOTA-FISH, (468-2347) or send an e-mail to