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Chasing the Schoolers in September

by: Ricky Vandergriff,

Photo by Ricky Vandergriff
(Aug. 30, 2011 - Tyler, TX)

September, can you believe it? Where has our year gone? Why it seems it was just yesterday that I was getting ready for spawning bass and now the fall fishing is about to begin.

September is the month that we get new license for the up coming year for fishing, it is the month that our first cool fronts begin moving in and making water changes like cooling our lakes down and changing the surface temps which make our lakes turn over. Now for those of you that are just getting into fishing and don't know what I mean by the lakes turning over, this is when the surface waters cool down making the surface waters colder than the water on bottom and thus making the water on top sinking to the bottom making the bottom waters rise to the top. When this happens it will bring up trash and bottom scum making fishing slow down until the water cleans back up and this will take about two weeks to do.

Now before all these weather changes get here. Let's talk a bit on the conditions of the lake at this time. You will find Lake Palestine about four and a half feet low with fishing good but dangerous to run up north due to the low water but for the ones that can get back in the creeks and up the river you will find some very good fishing. Down south you can get around much easier but you still need to be careful for there will be stumps in places you have never seen before so when running the lake be very careful.

Now here is what you will find the bass doing. You will find the bass schooling up chasing small shad on your main lake points, back in the back of the main lake creeks and old road ways. The bass will do this until we get the cool fronts that make the lake turn over. You will have fish to slow down for a short while and then go right back to schooling and you will then have good school activity all the way in to October.

Hear are the lures that I will use to catch my schooling bass. First I will throw my all time favorite lure one that I build and call the Shimmy Shaker. I will cast it out into the school and let it sink down for about a count of 3 and then start my retrieve back, this will normally drive the bass wild. Second I will cast out a crank bait and there is two that come to mind and both being favorites for this sort of fishing, one is the Rat-L-Trap and the other will be the Bomber BD6 in a shad color. The next lure I will cast out will be the 6 inch Thunder Worm made by Mister Twister lures and I will rig it on a Carolina rig, on the drop shot rig and the Texas rig and last the all time one of the best top water baits the yellow magic. All four lures are great for catching school bass and if you try them I think you will agree.

Crappie fishing will pick up in September and you will find them working good under your main lake bridges on jigs and small minnows. My favorite jig will be the Mister Twister Mr. Mino in a white or white/blue color.

White bass will be good on the main lake points on small Rat-L-Traps and spoons.

Catfish will be good on rod n reel using liver, red worms and shrimp on main lake points and under boat docks.

If you are here to Lake Palestine and run low on your Mister Twister products you can find a great supply of them at the Lake Palestine Resort. They carry most of the products mentioned here in my reports.

Be sure you buy your new license before going out and when you do get on the water watch for the school bass, I think you will enjoy fishing for them as much as I do.

Until next time catch all you can, keep only what you can use and release the rest for another day and remember to take a kid fishing and you will seek a reward that you will remember for ever.

Good Luck and Good Fishing