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Coverlay's Cull Board Keeper Stores Rulers In Their Place

by: Ron Giudice, Blue Heron Communications

(Friday, July 28,2000 - San Angelo, Texas) "I thought I saw it in the rod locker!" "I think it's in the storage box by the left live well!" "We had it last year #*%*!"

Those very handy, but usually misplaced, rulers used to cull fish never can be found. It would be no surprise if a survey would show that anglers spent more time searching for the cull board than they did landing fish.

Of course, Coverlay Manufacturing pondered the predicament and came up with the solution … the Cull Board Keeper. So simple, the design of the Cull Board Keeper should have been discovered years ago. Made of UV protected black ABS plastic, the thin ruler custodian holds just about any ruler on the market up to 3 1/4 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick.

Overall, the Keeper measures 14 3/4 inches long and 4 3/4 inches wide making it fit into and onto most flat surfaces on a boat. The ruler slides into the plastic sleeve of the Keeper and is held in place with the snug fit. The ruler won't jiggle or vibrate out and is easily retrievable when a fish needs to be measured.

Installation is also a snap. Packaged with the Cull Board Keeper is double sided tape. Simply peel the paper off the tape, slap onto the chosen clean, flat location and start fishing. If need be, like on a carpeted surface, the ruler can be attached with screws (not included). The suggested retail price is only $4.95.

The Cull Board Keeper is available by ordering direct from Coverlay or at your local retailer. To find out more about Coverlay products or to order direct call Coverlay Manufacturing, Inc., at 800-633-7090.