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Season Three of Ice Fishing Today Kicks Off World-Wide November 6

Veteran television producer and program host Tom Zenanko.
Photo by courtesy Vexilar
(Nov. 08, 2010 - Minneapolis, MN) You might think a sure sign of winter might be the frost on the car when you get up, but actually it?s the airing of the third big season of Ice Fishing Today Television.

When Ice Fishing Today TV launched three years ago, it was on the cutting edge of internet streaming video. It was the very first outdoor program that was aired on TV and also linked to the world-wide web. This breakthrough in blending TV programming and the web was the brain child of veteran television producer and program host Tom Zenanko. The standard IFT television program was only 30 minutes long and now with being linked to the web, the show can be expanded to include bonus features and more in-depth story lines than a normal 30 minute program would never have time to show. The average IFT program has about two hours of additional support footage behind it. This innovative format really transforms how anglers can get fishing information.

Season two had over 250,000 on-line viewers of the four shows and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever for the on-line fans. On November 6th and for the next three Saturdays, a new show will be posted on-line. Also on-line you will be able to register to win weekly prizes that are offered to on-line viewers during the months of November and December.

The successful IFT series for 2010 will highlight a great walleye fishing adventure to the newest and possibly the greatest winter walleye fishery of all time, Lake Winnipeg. Another show is dedicated to learning the mind of Mr. Ice Fishing himself Dave Genz. The Ice Fishing Today TV series always puts a high priority on making Ice Fishing a family activity and again this season the kids take over the show and really slam the crappie. In the final show, winter ice fishing adventures are very popular with web viewers. Many love to see places they may never go, but find it very educational and interesting to see this type of extreme adventure fishing.

So if you wish to know the hottest and newest trends in ice fishing this is the place. Starting Nov 6, all you need to do is check-out the icefishingtoday website and you can do it any time 24/7.