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by: Duck Wright,

(Wednesday, August 19,1998 - Zavalla, TX) Duck Tales I thought that I would discuss something that you don't read about very often in articles, and that is NIGHT FISHING.

Many anglers don't do much fishing after it gets dark, because they have never been exposed to the ways that you can catch fish after the sun goes down. The first thing to look for when you are out during the day time, is spots or locations where there is a rise in the bottom, such as a submerged island, or underwater knoll that is predominate over the normal depth of the water surrounding it. This area is the area that the fish will relate to, after the sun goes down, and the surface temperature of the water starts to cool down. This cooling down of the surface temperature, usually makes the bass become more active and eat.

I also want to find a hump or rise, that has a different structure on the bottom, then the structure that surrounds it. By this I mean, that if there is hydrilla around the hump, I prefer the hump to be smooth, or much less hydrilla then what is around it. This gives the fish a different place to feed then they have all day long. Also I think that the smooth bottom, allows the fish to move around more freely while feeding.

There are many different ways to fish this time of day, and it seems that every angler that does fish at night, has a different idea on the best bait to fish. There are many ways to fish at night, with just as many different baits that are effective. My favorite way is not the only way, and I am not the world's expert on the art of fishing at night, but I enjoy it and have had some exciting hours on the water after dark.

I prefer to fish with 7 to 10 inch worms. These baits are a little easier to use, due to the fact that it takes very little attention to the bait. When it is dark, there are several things that play a large part in the enjoyment that can be had. First and foremost is the fact that vision is so hampered, that many times an angler finds the simplest things, like tying your favorite knot, very difficult. The eyes are fooled at night also, in the respect that your depth perception is not as good as it is during daylight. The distant that you can see, as well as how far you cast, can not be perceived with the same accuracy as you have during the day. I have found that because it is dark to you, as well as the fish, an angler can get much closer to the areas being fished, so you don't have to cast as far as you would during the hours the sun causes reflections.

The other baits that I enjoy fishing with are the buzzbait and spinnerbait. The buzzbait is a very exciting bait to fish with, due to the sound of the blow-up and the actual feeling of the strike. This is something that can not be described, only experienced! The spinnerbait also is effective, more at a shallow depth that deep water. The bass strike the vibration of the blades, rather than the sight of the bait.

Well I hope his helped a little bit, and encouraged you to try a night on the lake. It is probably a good idea to leave home and get on the lake about an hour before dark. Just tell the wife to have a good night's sleep... and you'll see her in the morning. Hey, sometimes you can sleep good out on the water too!