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"New" Flippin' Mudd Puppy

Taking Finesse Fishing to the Next Level!

(12/28/2000 - Menomonie, WI.) Imagine this scenario…you only have the weekend to fish for your favorite finny opponent …Mr. Largemouth Bass. All week long you've made plans to be out on your favorite lake hoping to entice a game of tug o' war from a lunker largemouth. The only problem is, Mother Nature throws one of her famous "Cold Front Curve Balls" right at your lake! Bright sunny skies, no wind, cold temperatures -- fishing is tough and nothing seems to be working!

That is the scenario the new Intimidator Flippin' Mudd Puppy from ISG was specifically designed for. Conquering those ultra-tough fishing times when it seems the only bass around are on your TV set!

"The Flippin' Mudd Puppy is a compact little bait that offers a wide range of features," said ISG National Sales Manager Bill Schutts. "It's finesse profile enters the water subtly, yet offers a knockout punch through it's unique design."

The Flippin' Mudd Puppy moves a tremendous amount of water by coupling the popular ISG Intimidator Crescent Ring body style with a wide swimming slow fall tail. "The bait comes alive when it hits the water," said Schutts. "It falls ever so slow due to the Crescent Rings and that wide sweeping tail…It literally moves the whole body back and forth as it drops to the bottom or swam through cover. Add extreme salt, garlic scent and taste and finicky bass can't resist it!"

The Flippin Mudd Puppy is an original design of Bass Fishing Legend Jeff Snyder. His success on difficult bass waters has led to numerous tournament wins and product designs, one being the Flippin Mudd Puppy. "For years I hand poured these little baits, but through extensive research and my association with ISG, we improved on what was an already great finesse flipping lure. The end result…the Flippin Mudd Puppy," said Snyder.

"The Mudd Puppy's compact profile and crescent ring body, displaces more water than lures twice it's size," said Snyder. "It falls s l o w l y through the strike zone, making it the perfect flipping and pitching lure and by adding ISG's exclusive salt and scent formulas, the bait really adds fish to your livewell when others won't."

But don't think that is the only place for the Mudd Puppy! "As a Carolina Rig lure the Mudd Puppy counters "do nothing" style baits and worms with an unassuming profile and deadly action," said Schutts. "It's equally at home as a Drop-Shot worm," adds Snyder.

Is the Flippin' Mudd Puppy the perfect answer to ultra-tough fishing situations? Yes! It can be flipped, pitched, cast, Carolina-rigged, Texas-rigged, Drop-Shotted, split-shotted and extremely effective "jig-wormed" when coupled with ISG's new Darter Head jig! The Mudd Puppy could possibly be the most versatile lure ever created!

The ISG Intimidator Flippin' Mudd Puppy is available in ten (10) bass catching colors: Black/Gold Flake, Black/Red Flake, Watermelon, Watermelon/Chartreuse Tail, Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Crawdad, Junebug, Erie Green and the hot new Goby color.

The ISG Intimidator Flippin' Mudd Puppy is an awesome lure when fished for other bass species like smallmouth and spotted bass as well. "It's unparalleled softness, saltiness and custom "garlic scent" makes them the best finesse fishing baits money can buy," said Schutts.