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Want The Best Fish Finder For The Money? Take A Close Look At Bottom Line's Tournament 1100

by: Ron Giudice, Blue Heron Communications

(12/22/2000 - ) Now and then a fish finder comes along with the kind of quality every angler desires, at a price every angler and boater can afford.

This year fisherman and small boat owners need look no farther than the Bottom Line Tournament 1100. This finder offers superb fish locating clarity, precision depth readouts, plus a temperature display and transducer ready to use right out of the box. There's even an optional speed accessory.

The Tournament 1100 is a good unit if priced at around $250, a great unit if priced at $150. But at $79.95, the Tournament 1100 is unbelievable. But believe it! At this price, there's no excuse for any water craft -- be it bass boat, sail boat, pontoon boat or ski boat -- not to have a fish finder on board. Fish finding doesn't have to be the primary function, even though 1,000 pixels per square inch on an easy to read eight square inch screen offers unbelievable fish locating clarity. The Bottom Line Tournament 1100 has the most unprecedented value for high-speed performance depth indicator on the market, feature for feature.

Boat owners can purchase the Tournament 1100 and also get digital surface temperature readings -- standard. Need to know boat speed? The Tournament 1100 is the only fish in it's price range that offers digital boat speed with the purchase of the boat speed option. These are two major features that no other unit offers on fish finders at this price.

The Tournament 1100 screen measures 3.3" by 2.4" and the display contains 8,192 pixels (128 vertical and 64 horizontal). The maximum depth reading in freshwater is 240 feet. As a fish finder the Tournament 1100 features an audible fish alarm, zoom bottom track and depth readout of individual fish.

Other features on the Tournament 1100 are adjustable night light, battery voltage indicator and digital depth readings in standard or metric units. The Tournament 1100 operates at a frequency of 455 kHz and is powered by 12 volts DC. Bottom Line, the technological leader in fish finders, is a product by Computrol, Inc. of Meridian, Idaho. For more information on the Tournament 1100 or other Bottom Line products, write Computrol at 499 East Corporate Drive, Meridian, Idaho 83641 or call (208) 846-9000.