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"New" Scorpion' Bass Jig

The Only New Truly Innovative Bass Jig in the World!

by: William Schutts,

(Thursday, July 06,2000 - Menomonie, WI.) How do you effectively fish extremely thick cover? Not your average isolated brush pile here or there, but the real dense and matted stuff. You know…thick, seemingly impenetrable vegetation or prickly, lure-grabbing buck brush. How about beaver huts and clustered logjams? These are the places that grow giant bass and most lures can never reach them. Innovative Sport Group (ISG), manufacturers of the record-setting Intimidator' Soft Plastics, has solved the heavy cover blues...introducing the Scorpion' Bass Jig!

"This is the only true innovative bass jig design to come along since the first jig was ever made," said ISG National Sales Manager William Schutts. "We started from scratch designing this bait because we and the fishing public wanted something more from bass jigs currently available and this is it."

The computer designed head makes the Scorpion' Bass Jig the most snag-resistant jig on the market. Here's how! "Whenever the nose of the Scorpion' meets resistance, like a limb, weed or lily pad root, it rotates 90 degrees allowing the hook point to glide effortlessly through the obstruction," said Schutts.

"The way the bait slips and slides through cover is amazing," said Scott Thompson of Dallas, TX. "When I first saw the Scorpion', I knew it was special, but when I set a lake record with it this spring, everybody else did as well!"

Unlike other bass jigs that lay on their side in the water, the Scorpion' lands…due to its design and balance…hook up! "This allows the trailer to float in a more natural defensive crawfish posture," adds Schutts. "This upright and ready position also ensures a higher hooking percentage than any other bass jig on the market!"

In addition, the Scorpion' Bass Jig comes equipped with the loudest rattle available. "The rattle system is located in such a place that it makes tremendous noise whenever the jig is moved," said Schutts. "Add our own extra-wide gap, needle-sharp hook and you end up with the perfect bass fishing jig."

"It's possibly best and most weedless bass jig I've ever used," said Bass Fishing Legend Jeff Snyder of Massillon, OH. "It enters the thickest of cover and only hangs up on bass!"

ISG Scorpion' Bass Jigs are available in six (6) cover entering sizes -- 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, 3/4-, 1- and 1 1/2-ounce(s). They come standard in sixteen (16) bass catching colors. Eight (8) Star-Flash colors and eight (8) Nature-Series colors. "The Star-Flash offers a incredible brillance in the murkiest of waters," said Schutts. "And the Nature-Series makes for perfect forage foolery."

"I recommend the Scorpion' Bass Jig should be paired with the "new" Intimidator' Craw," said Snyder. "The craw's unparalleled softness, saltiness and custom "garlic scent" makes them the best jig trailers money can buy."

ISG (Innovative Sport Group) entered the fishing tackle industry in January 1994. From the start, ISG’s mission has been to provide the angler with the highest quality, most effective fishing lures at the best value in the marketplace.

Since the introduction of our first bass lure, Willy's Scented Worm‰, ISG's product-line has grown into a complete family of innovative designs. From our soft plastics for serious bass anglers -- Intimidator Series, to our record-setting Scorpion Series jigs and popular top-water lures -- Slop Hog, Boss Hog and Mississippi Swamp Rat, ISG’s commitment to cutting edge products and designs are unparalleled in the industry.

ISG means dependable terminal tackle -- Musky Bill's "Leaders and Rigs for the pike and musky angler and weedless jigs -- Slow Fall Walleye Jig" for the walleye angler.

ISG is committed to the fishing tackle industry and will continue to introduce new, innovative and effective fishing lures into the new millennium.

ISG Means Fishing'