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The "D.D.Fisher" Solves Fishing Frustrations

by: Amy Keane, Keane Marketing Sol,

(Friday, May 12,2000 - Claremont, NH) You've found the exact depth where the prized school of walleye has been swimming. You tried the bottom-bouncer, the slip bobber, everything you could think of, but because of the winds and the drift of the boat you just can't hold that depth. We're all familiar with that frustration, but now there's an answer!

The Desired Depth Fisher (D. D. Fisher) is a patented, handcrafted fishing device unlike any other in the world. It is the first fishing system that uses a combination of sinker with a chosen length of fishing line tied to a wire harness on a buoyant body. The main line goes through a tube encased in the float giving a highly sensitive feel with even the slightest fish bite. This design allows you to fish at the exact depth as the game fish you want and can be used for casting, trolling, drifting, or to fish straight down in fresh or salt water. Your bait or lure is always at a correct depth where you need it most!!

Bernard Brasseur, an avid fisherman who fishes an average of 2 to 3 times a week, year round, invented the D.D.Fisher in 1994. Brasseur had been frustrated at not being able to maintain the specific depth he wanted while drift fishing in high winds. After trying every gadget in his tackle box, he finally realized he needed to create a new device that would do exactly what he wanted. From scraps found in his workshop and with a little Yankee ingenuity, he created the D.D.Fisher.

Brasseur made a few prototypes to share with his fishing buddies and by 1995, it was apparent that the D.D.Fisher significantly increased the number of fish they caught. He applied for, and was granted, a patent in 1996. Although Bernie is already an accomplished fisherman, the D.D.Fisher has helped increase his catch by approximately 30%.

Several models of the D.D.Fisher are available to attract and catch most any kind of fish. Because it is so affordable ($3-7 per device), it is recommended that you experiment with a variety of sizes and colors to determine which works best for you in your particular fishing situation. After fishing with them just a few times, you‚ll find they're the only fishing devices you need in your tackle box!

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