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Team Daiwa Rods Offer All The New and Historic Actions Created By The Winningest Team in the History of Fishing

by: Mark Weintz Communications,

(Saturday, December 04,1999 - CERRITOS, CA) New TD-S-B Series
You don't have to be a top pro to use the customized rod actions that have won the last four Bassmaster Classics. Daiwa's new TD-S-B rod series offers those special actions along with all the actions that have brought Daiwa's team more first place Classic finishes than all other manufacturers combined over the past 16 years.

The 18 Team Daiwa (TD) rods in the S-B series are the most encompassing collection of bass-specific and technique specific rods ever offered by one manufacturer.

"Too many persons underestimate the role tackle, especially rods, plays in successful fishing. Invariably, the first question posed to a winner of the B.A.S.S. Classic is ‘what bait were you using.' But, as top pros know, the real key is the rod and the reel. As our Team Daiwa pros will tell you, their Daiwa rods played an instrumental role in their Classic victories," said William Steiner, Daiwa VP of Sales & Marketing.

At the high end, fishing becomes very much like golf. In golf you have specific clubs for specific tasks. Our Team Daiwa pros have proven they know where the fish are. Determining which bait to use historically has been easier than determining which rod is right for the job. The rod must do four things perfectly: 1. Deliver the bait into the strike zone; 2. Permit successful hooksets in specific conditions; 3. Control the fish and play it to the boat, and 4. Allow the fish to be boated with or without a net," explained Steiner, adding, "Over the years our pros and our R&D team have developed rods that successfully accomplish these four tasks without compromise under a wide range of conditions.

Four years ago Daiwa's George Cochran challenged a shallow mud flat ignored by all other Classic entrants. He used "his" fast taper, 6'3" Daiwa Topwater/Twitching Rod that gave him the perfect blend of lure control and distance for the wide variety of topwater plugs he needed to use. "I also used Denny's rod a lot," Cochran said.

Denny Brauer charged into the lead of last year's classic with a spectacular "big fish" catch . Denny favors a Flippin'/Pitchin' rod of his own design and says, "I would have lost that fish if not for that Daiwa rod. It compensated for an error I made: I didn't realize how large that fish was and when he started to charge the boat I decided to heft him in. Any other rod would have broken under the stress," said Brauer, the first fisherman-athlete to be put on the Wheaties box.

When the sweltering doldrums hit Lake Logan Martin three years ago, only Dion Hibdon had the plan—and the tackle—to coax out the winning tally. Dion found the bass in the shade under the docks and cast tiny finesse baits to them long range to avoid spooking them. To implement his plan he used a super long rod with huge guides and an oversized Daiwa spinning reel to capitalize on the extra wide, long cast spool.

Davy Hite use a high speed Daiwa baitcaster and a Daiwa/Denny Brauer Flippin' stick to earn a commanding victory at this year's Classic. Daiwa's Brauer took second.

Daiwa's new TD-S-B series rods feature all the tried and true actions that have blown away the competition for years. Their Light & Tough design is accomplished with Daiwa's exclusive High Structural Density (HSD) graphite, a special formula based on a very high ratio of graphite to resin. To obtain some of the specific actions, Daiwa actually varies the graphite-resin ratio along the length of the blank.

The Team Daiwa S-B series uses Daiwa's X-Treme Guide system with Fuji "Concept Guides. This unique Daiwa guide system employs more guides than normal and typically with a smaller diameter. Guides are aluminum oxide and "mirror polished." The first guide has a higher leg than normal but guides near the end of the rod actually hug the blank. The result, superior sensitivity, improved casting performance and greater accuracy and hook setting power. All S-B rods feature quality cork grips and either Fuji "or custom Daiwa reel seats.

For a color catalog send $2 (for shipping & handling) to Daiwa Corp., P.O. Box 6031, Artesia, CA 90702-6031. Look for the Daiwa logo in your yellow pages under tackle shops and sporting goods dealers, or call Daiwa's Customer Service Department at 562-802-9589 for information on dealers in your area. The toll-free fax line for customer service inquires is 800-653-2492, or E-mail inquires to: