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Yamaha Introduces A Fuel-Injected Four-Stroke F115, Perfect For Larger Boats

(Tuesday, November 16,1999 - ATLANTA,GA) Tapping its 35 year history in designing four-stroke outboards, Yamaha Marine introduces its newest and biggest four-stroke outboard — the 2000 F115, a fuel-injected, in-line four-cylinder outboard. Designed from the beginning as a marine engine, the F115 offers more power with less noise and more fuel efficiency making it the ideal motor for boaters who have larger boats, preferring four-stroke power.

"The F115 is for boaters and anglers who want power and excellent fuel economy," said David Grigsby, product manager of Yamaha's Marine Power Division. "Our F115 was designed specifically to be a marine engine instead of being a converted automotive engine design. That's one of the advantages that comes with owning a Yamaha."

Fuel delivery is another area Yamaha engineers paid special attention to when designing the F115. Multi-port Fuel Injection incorporates one injector and throttle opening per cylinder to provide improved fuel economy and optimum power and acceleration.

Yamaha's F115 features dual overhead cams for greater valve timing control and utilize four valves per cylinder in Yamaha's Crossfire Valve System to provide clean, powerful combustion. A three-stage idle labyrinth exhaust chamber gives Yamaha the lead with less engine noise than the competition. This design optimizes combustion efficiency for better fuel economy and provides plenty of torque in the low- to mid-RPM range where most trolling is done. In addition, Yamaha's direct drive design eliminates rocker arms and the constant servicing that goes with them. Yamaha's system uses a design that virtually connects the valve operation to the cam resulting in fewer moving parts, less weight and maintenance, and increased reliability.

Fuel efficiency is a major concern of many boaters. The F115 gets the most power out of its fuel by using four valves per cylinder (two intake and two exhaust). Decreased drivetrain mass means better fuel economy, smooth running and increased durability.

Yamaha added an advanced intake system specifically designed to deliver optimum power, performance and fuel economy. Each individual intake track has its own throttle valve to allow for precise tuning of the fuel-air ratio for each cylinder. Yamaha's design is more compact than the competition's conventional single valve to provide air for four cylinders. In addition, Yamaha added a specially designed silencer that is lightweight and eliminates noise from the intake side of the engine to make boating more enjoyable.

An automotive-style, spin-on oil filter, a conveniently located oil fill point and an external oil drain with handy guides make maintenance a breeze, not a chore.

Available in 20", 25" and 25" counter-rotating shaft lengths, the F115 features a wide-range power trim and tilt that goes from -4 degrees for quick hole shots to +16 degrees to improve top-end performance. The F115 can also be raised and lowered while the boat is on the trailer with the conveniently located pan-mounted tilt switch. The counter-rotating model enables a twin-engine set-up for larger offshore boats eliminating arm-tiring steering torque, the sideways force that causes a boat with two propellers turning in the same direction to steer off to one side.

PrimeStart Auto Choke provides the proper fuel mixture for all weather conditions to ensure the motor starts quickly the first time the key is turned on. Thermostatic-controlled water cooling ensures proper engine temperature at all times for consistent performance and long trouble-free engine life. Boaters can visually confirm the water pump is operating with the pilot water discharge.

The F115 features a microcomputer ignition coupled with a throttle position sensor to provide better throttle response, timing control and engine protection without the use of a moving base plate under the flywheel. All this translates into optimum engine performance and better fuel economy. Overheat, low oil pressure and over-rev sensors protect the owner's investment in the engine and provide peace of mind. If a problem should occur such as debris in the water blocking the water intakes, the sensors alert the operator with a buzzer and warning light and automatically reduce engine speed to 2,000 RPM to keep the outboard from overheating and being damaged.

Alternator output of 18 amps at 1,000 RPM and 25 amps at full throttle keeps the batteries charged while allowing electronics or livewell pumps to run all day. A strong 2.15:1 gear ratio combined with the large-displacement four-cylinder engine's torque is able to move even large boats through heavy chop.

Another strength of the new Yamaha is its level of corrosion fighting measures. A front-mounted freshwater flushing device offers convenient engine flushing from the dock or the boat by attaching to a standard garden hose without any special tools. The motor does not need to be running to flush the engine. Protection from the elements comes from the ACP-221 paint application, a technologically-advanced process featuring multiple layers of tough primer, color and finish coats. Stainless steel components battle internal corrosion while all aluminum components that contact the water are made from Yamaha's tough YDC 30 aluminum alloy. Zinc anodes in the powerhead, the lower unit and on the power trim and tilt bracket sacrifice themselves to protect other metal components from corrosion.

For added safety while the boat is underway, the F115's key switch features a standard engine stop switch lanyard that conveniently clips to the operator's wrist, clothing or personal flotation device and automatically stops the engine if the operator accidentally leaves the helm.

Weighing in at 398 pounds, the F115 is 107 pounds lighter than similar competitive engines. The lighter weight translates into additional fuel savings and another Yamaha advantage — increased performance. Like all Yamaha four-stroke outboards, the new F115 is backed by Yamaha's Three-Year Factory Limited Warranty at no extra cost.

For the location of your nearest Yamaha Outboard dealer, call toll-free (800) 88-YAMAHA.