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Light Tackle Lurefishing for Sharptooth Catfish in South Africa

(Monday, November 22,1999 - ) "…Whiskers some 30 cm long protruded ominously skywards, followed immediately by a huge bulk-of-a-head as a Sharptooth Catfish lunged upwards, gulping air and churning the water surface into a froth of bubbles. This is what I had been waiting for, and a disturbance like this one created the perfect target. My 6-ft flipping stick was already over my shoulder as my thumb instinctively clicked down on the Shimano’s fire button. A 20 yard cast aimed just to the right of the swirl, allowed my grub tail to splash down a few feet ahead of the bubble train left by the fish as it dived back towards the bottom. I took up the slack waiting patiently for my _ oz jig to sink, leaning forward at the same time in anticipation of a strike. I flicked the rod tip once to get the grub moving, simultaneously turning my reel handle one full revolution. The 4 inch grub with its long wide throbbing tail which suddenly wiggled up in front of the fish was more than it could stand…with one powerful surge of its tail and a gaping maw, it savaged the morsel…"

That is artlure fishing for Sharptooth Catfish at it’s best and this thrilling form of light tackle angling can now be witnessed on video!!

"Land of the Giants" offers an exciting look at light tackle lure-fishing for the large and powerful Sharptooth Catfish of Southern Africa ... a definite collectors piece and a must for the light tackle art-lure enthusiast! This video reveals unique footage of these incredible catfish, featuring their out-of-water survival instincts and the line burning battles fought on light to medium Bass tackle. Come on a journey and experience fishing where stealth-stalking maneuvers and presentation are the key to outwitting these 'Cats' ... and then the strike! ... "Awesome! ... is the only way to describe these fish as they power away, peeling off yards of line and leaving a wobbly-kneed angler in their wake."

"Land of the Giants" features up to date information, tips and techniques required to tame these tackle busters, including catch and release ethics and fish-friendly handling tactics. We know you will enjoy this first ever documentation on catching one of South Africa's largest and most powerful fresh water predators, the Sharptooth Catfish.