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Abu Garcia's CD Series a Revolution In Spinning Reel Technology

by: Pure Fishing,

(Friday, November 05,1999 - SPIRIT LAKE, IA) For dozens of years spinning reel manufacturers have enticed the angling public with dozens of gimmicks in their quest to corner what has grown into a diverse and broad based market for quality gear.

But only one reel manufacturer has made real, technical inroads in providing spinning tackle that actually outperforms all the rest. The company is Abu Garcia, and the reel is simply called the CD – short for center drag technology, a quantum leap forward in designing spinning tackle that can withstand the daily rigors of continued, rugged use.

Tackle manufacturers have for years experimented with both front and rear mounted drags. And while both have their advantages, the problems have always outweighed any assets engineers might claim, until now. CD technology is the result of Abu Garcia engineers studying the shortcomings of traditional spinning reels with the commitment to overcome these faults.

By designing a reel with the drag system squarely in the center, Abu Garcia now offers revolutionary tackle with more convenience than rear drag models and twice the fish fighting power of front drags.

CD technology includes extra drag surface with large friction washers made of graphite impregnated Teflon. The drag easily adjusts from totally open, or tension free, to total lockdown. This infinite control option allows for a full range of smooth resistance without the jerky snags and hangups that have long been the bane of spinning reels—especially when fighting big fish.

Plus the placement of the drag allows for instant adjustment, even with fish on the line. Anglers can loosen or tighten the tension with ease while keeping a firm grip on the rod and not get tangled in the line. The drag is so smooth anglers can easily control the final surge of hard running game fish such as tuna, striper, trophy largemouth and even the tackle busting tarpon.

Another CD bonus is the unique one-piece aluminum gearbox, now stationed at the back of the reel. Gears and bearings are kept in constant alignment and not subject to the distortion and torque that plagues both front and rear drag models in severe fish-fighting conditions.

The sheer guts of CD design can be found in gears of the finest materials, configured to resist the rigors and wear that destroy too many lesser spinning reels long before their time. From the oversized drag washers to the care and attention found in classic Abu Garcia workmanship, Abu Garcia CD spinning reels provide a tool that will surely revolutionize the way that serious anglers fish.

CD reels from Abu Garcia provide power, convenience, control and confidence making spinning reels a serious tool for serious fisherman for the first time ever.

Abu Garcia CD Spinning Reels: Technology Truly Ahead of its Time

  • Center drag technology for infinite adjustment, ease of use, more fighting power, smother line control, longer wear
  • Oversized washers that outperform those found in conventional spinning reels
  • Graphite impregnated Teflon drag materials
  • Fingertip drag settings – even while fighting big fish
  • Stronger gear configuration
  • One piece aluminum gearbox—for rigid bearing and gear alignment
  • Optimum convenience due to the fingertip control offered by center drag technology. Even more convenience than rear drag models
  • Twice the fish fighting power of front drag spinning reels
  • For saltwater and freshwater applications
  • Choose from among eight premium models
  • From four to six rugged bearings, depending upon the model
  • Versatile 5.2:1 gear ratios
  • Lightweight yet tough aluminum spools
  • Graphite or aluminum spare spools
  • Models rated for six through 12 pound test lines
  • Weights ranging from 12 to 13.2 ounces
  • Prices ranging from $74.95 to $109.95
  • Available in retail outlets nationwide by late summer

What the Pros are Saying about Abu Garcia CD Spinning Reels

"The quality and workmanship is excellent, the drag system is superb, The performance and design is far beyond what most of us have come to expect from traditional spinning tackle. These reels are serious fishing tools." (Stacey King)

"Spinning tackle no longer takes a backseat to any other reel on the market. Abu Garcia's CD series will change the way a lot of folks fish. The solid gear system and tough, smooth, instantly adjustable drag truly is a technical innovation. We've been waiting a long time for this." (Ken Cook)

You've just got to take these CD reels seriously. The engineering is quality, through and through. The gears are stout, the drag strong yet smooth. And it's all at your fingertips. I think we're looking at a fantastic fishing tackle innovation. Leave it to Abu Garcia…The thinking behind this system is simply superb." (Hank Parker)

"Use these CD reels for any amount of time and the first thing you think of is. Why didn't someone try this before? This drag system really gets the job done. No jerks, no rough spots, just smooth resistance and total control. Nothing else can measure up. With the introduction of CD technology, Abu Garcia has totally outdistanced the pack." (Buzz Ramsey)

"The one-piece aluminum gear box keeps the bearings and gears aligned even under the most severe fishing conditions. There simply is no torque or distortion allowed. And the graphite impregnated Teflon friction washers provide the smoothest drag of any reel on the market." (Jim McIntosh)

"Even die-hard bait casters will love this spinning reel. The center drag control and smooth drag operation give an angler the confidence to rely on spinning tackle in light tackle situations, instead of relying on the heavy bait caster." (Larry Nixon)