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New Economically Priced Millionaire S Series Sports Top Features & High-Grade Components

Daiwa Exclusive: Long-Spin Spool

by: Mark Weintz,

(Wednesday, December 01,1999 - CERRITOS, CA) Sporting high-performance features unavailable from any other manufacturer, Daiwa's Millionaire S reels offer fresh and saltwater fisherman X-Treme casting and fish fighting performance for $89.95 or less.

"You get to a point where adding more ball bearings doesn't necessarily increase performance. Regardless of how many ball bearings you put in a casting reel to reduce friction, two other elements weigh heavily. First you have the shaft which remains connected to the gear train even when the reel is in so-called free-spool; and second, you have the cast control which typically remains ON to some degree even when turned OFF" explained Bill Steiner, Daiwa VP of Sales and Marketing.

"Daiwa engineers have successfully addressed these obstacles in a very cost-effective way," said Steiner. The new Millionaire-S reels join Daiwa's other revolving spools reels with a distinction no other manufacturer can produce: Absolute Free-Spool, Steiner said.

First, Daiwa's exclusive Super Speed Shaft TOTALLY disengages the spool from the gear train in free spool. This allows the spool to float independently (totally free of the pinion gear) on precision, stainless steel ball bearings. The second factor Daiwa uses to attain absolute free spool is it's exclusive new Centriflex‘ spool brake system which automatically turns on and off one time during a cast. There is no braking at the start of a cast because the Centriflex's brake blocks are retracted. Triggered by the spool's RPM, the brake blocks automatically push against the brake drum as the spool approaches maximum speed. When the spool begins to slow, the brake blocks automatically retract to the OFF position.

Daiwa's unique, patented Centriflex brake system provides just the right amount of braking tension at the precise moment it is needed. Only Daiwa spool brake systems turn on and off during a cast to allow your spool to keep spinning longer. The Super Speed shaft also contributes to a long spool run. Result: Much longer casts!

The Centriflex system is easily adjustable. Housed inside the reel's waterproof screw-on sideplate, the centrifugal force adjustment knob is quickly accessible yet out of the way when the battle is on.

The Millionaire-S's high performance features go well beyond casting. Seven massive disks comprise the Millionaire-S's drag system. Teflon/graphite composite disks alternate with smooth stainless steel to provide a flawlessly smooth system that is virtually unaffected by water or temperature. It's the exact same drag employed on Daiwa's Millionaire CV-Z with a MSRP $239.95. To ensure great performance over the long haul, the Millionaire-S reels boast a one-piece aluminum frame so the gears stay in perfect mesh during jolting hooksets and big-water knockdowns. Sideplates and spool are also high-grade aluminum. Marine grade phosphor bronze and brass gears are machine cut to exacting standards. The M-S250 and M-S300 are fully anodized to prevent saltwater corrosion. The M-S300 also features spool click Both are backed by a full one-year warranty.

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For a color catalog send $2 (for shipping & handling) to Daiwa Corp., P.O. Box 6031, Artesia, CA 90702-6031. Look for the Daiwa logo in your yellow pages under tackle shops and sporting goods dealers, or call Daiwa's Customer Service Department at 562-802-9589 for information on dealers in your area. The toll-free fax line for customer service inquires is 800-653-2492, or E-mail inquires to: