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Still Room For Classic G3 Utility V In Today’s Fishing World

Basic Aluminum Boats Remain Popular

by: G3 Boats,

(Monday, December 13,1999 - Lebanon, MO.) Retro, old school, classic. You can call the G3 Utility V whatever you want, but the fact is that the basic aluminum fishing boat is as popular today as it has always been.

G3 has three models of the classic Utility V for 2000, the 12-foot Utility V12, the 14-foot Utility V14 and the 16-foot Utility V16. Each model is 62-inches wide and has horsepower ratings of 15, 25, and 40 horsepower respectively. The 12 and 14’ V’s have a three person maximum load limit, while the larger 16’ V has a six person capacity.

Designed to tame tough waters with a lifetime of value, the G3 Utility V is engineered to calm choppy waters for a smoother, drier ride. Crafted from rugged marine-grade aluminum, the G3 Utility vees feature high-strength one-piece extruded ribs and keels, textured non-skid floors, reinforced corner and transom braces, bow eyes and a one-piece hull providing solid performance year in and year out.

For fishing how you used to, or how you still do, the Utility V remains a popular classic. Appreciate the classic beauty and craftsmanship of the G3 Utility V.

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