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New Electric Fillet Knife Introduced

(Sunday, November 14,1999 - ) We at American Angler are committed to providing the avid sportsman with the best in innovative new products. We asked fishing enthusiasts throughout the country what performance improvements they would like to see in the electric fillet knife. Quite simply, the response was more power, faster knife speed, more comfort and greater product longevity.

Our customers spoke...we listened! American Angler has combined superb design, precision engineering and master craftsmanship to introduce the American Angler Ultra Electric Fillet Knife in both 110 volt A.C. and 12 volt D.C. models. The American Angler Ultra features a permanent magnet motor, providing 42% more power, faster blade action and greater product longevity. These knives have a customized handle design for improved grip and comfort. They also provide a balanced, low vibration and low noise operation.

  • Made in the USA (our manufacturing plant is in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas).
  • Razor sharp tip for delicate filleting
  • 8" contoured fillet blade made of stainless steel
  • Serrated cutting edge
  • Innovative dual fillet blade for quick, easy filleting
  • Convenient trigger features easy-to-use safety lock.
  • State-of-the-art air flow design minimizes heat build-up.
  • Customized, lightweight handle provides comfort, safety and easy handling.

The cost is $46.00 which includes shipping and handling fees in the continental U.S. Order by calling 800-338-7012.